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  1. Hi, unfortunately this issue still has not been fixed. I uploaded another save under CONTRACT ISSUE.
  2. Just happened again. Check screens. I suspect it's because of the relationship with the agent. I uploaded another save game from the 2nd instance too (under Contract / promise issue Andreas Hansen).
  3. Situation: Fellow player lets me know another player has a potential issue: he wants a new contract. I promise to offer him a new contract. Player is pleased to soon be offered a new contract. Then when I try to offer the new contract, said player isn't interested in entering into negotiations with my club. Please check the screens attached. I'll upload a save under "Contract / promise issue".
  4. Just wanted to let you know I am trying out your tactic and having great results with it using a fairly weak team. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to v3 (I already added the instructions you proposed).
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