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  1. Sorry for not checking all 37 pages so a few wishes might be mentioned before. I do have collected some ideas, suggestions and wishes from the German forum. 1) FM 09 available in Germany 2) Medical facilities. Depending on the facility’s level you will get more information about injured players. Is he doing well? Might the injury take longer or shorter? Might he need an extra surgery? 3) More different team, comments and PR interaction. Otherwise less repeated interactions. Really annoying to answer the same question again and again from. A must for a new PR interaction : Demand a place in the national team for your player in the press. Should be via player interaction. Players should have the chance to try to get the bottom of the manager’s decision e.g. player been substituted. Example for pre-match player interaction: “ You will be out for the next match if you do not show your best now.â€; “You will be in the team next match day if you really fight now.†4) No private area like at the EA manager but it would be nice to see what has been earned while being manager. A Hall of Fame for the best earning managers. If not, there is no reason for giving manager contracts. 5)Better match sounds. Hard to realise : Integrate fan songs like you find them on http://www.fangesaenge.de. Could bring a better atmosphere into the game. 6) More variation when offering a contract. a) for older players : you get a job at the club e.g. coach or scout after your contract as player runs out b) grant the player kits sell profits c) tell player your plans. “I will build a team around you.â€;â€You will get more matches in my team.â€; “You will become a national team player if you play for me†d) 1 or 2 years contract extension for both sides (player/manager) e) contract will be extended after “x†matches f) contract will only be valid for “x†league(s) e.g. the contract is valid for 1 + 2 German league. The team relegates to third division. The player can leave for free. 7) Change kit style and colour. 8) 2D stadium. Make a stadium change visible. Capacity reduced while stadium is been expanded. Bigger stadium after works finished. 9) More nations. Saudi Arabia and African nations (Tunisia, Egypt). 10) Start as player-manager 11) Sign as B team or youth manager. You don’t have the freedom as a A team manager but the chance to gain reputation or in best case to take over the A team if the manager is sacked. Happens from time to time. After been sacked it could be a good way to get back into business. 12) Better scouting e.g. in youth area and the report should include not only recommendation for the first team. Also for the reserve team. Could be useful there and has the chance to show that the scout was wrong on him. Not all attributes should be shown after the player scouted one time. There should be more differences between the scouts. A good or bad scout could make a decision for good or bad. Not so often as most of time they are right. 13) More „Preferred Moves“ 14) A few powerful words for the substitute if he comes in during the match. “You make the difference.â€; “Try to hold the score.†15) Groups in the team e.g. Brazilian, Germans, Croatians. Trouble between players. Could be two rivals meet at a club or two players disagree about their performance in the last match. Could be with fights. Must be well dosed as it is not that common. 16) Fixed positions are good but it a flexible positioning should be possible. All around the pitch. The manager should have the chance to set the movement arrows variable. Free kicks should be more variable. The one on the top of the list does not shoot every free kick. Of course he is number one but at least the following 2-4 should shoot too. This makes it harder for the opposite team. 17) There should be more news about top player and manager transfers. 18)View more personal attributes : arrogance, greed, convenience (team), cheerful nature (do not show up in training or arrive late from holiday). 19) Better engine. Make game faster. 20) Indoor tournaments. Very common in German lower leagues. Normally third division, lower and local teams and without the top club’s A teams as higher injury rate than outside. Can be added to the fixtures screen. It’s a chance to earn some money for smaller clubs. 21) The board changes sometimes to quick from happy to unhappy. 22) Training camps in summer and winter for those leagues it’s possible. The German teams who can effort it go abroad for training in winter as the weather and facilities are better. FC Bayern is one club who get paid for it in Dubai. 23) Editor ! It should be possible to export and import changed editor data. At the moment all personal changes must be done again if the is a new patch. 24) Editor ! It should be possible to change the price money. Will this lead to cheating? 25) Should be easier to loan or send player on loan. Especially loaning players to farm teams. Player refuse to often a loan. 26) Should be more possible for lower division club to sign average to good free transfer players or contracted players. It’s not often but sometimes those players also join teams with a lower reputation. Reason: a) good payment if the club can effort it (Copado joined Hoffenheim); b) long time un-attached, need to get back into business; c) close to his home town, favorite club (Lawaree to Düsseldorf) ; d) he is an enfant terrible and the top clubs don’t want him (Ailton, wanted to join 2nd division club)
  2. as I am not allowed to edit my message. some extra info. you need to read a bit German as the most information are in German.
  3. Interested in a legends list of 1275 players? I did a legends database for the FM07. Don't want to do it again.
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