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  1. My experience here said it is not a bug. Something must be wrong with how the players play, but it's notthing wrong with the game ;D
  2. I also noticed that once my team finished 10th, but won the coppa. Strange enough the game seem dismissed my cup win as I enter the next year copa in 3rd Qualifying Round.
  3. Unless they become a rising star, got offer from bigger clubs. Thats how people like Rooney or CR or Crouch rise to fame. Unless the one like Matt LeTissier But still their playing form is what earned them attention from bigger eyes, right? I remember in Italy there are Lucarelli, Otero, Scwosczh whose form earned them spotlight. I agree. As I believe that nothing is broken in this game, maybe future game(s) could take form into more consideration. The next one. Like other aspects of the game that already made a huge haul up. How cool it is if this got implemented in the game? If you reload after certain times the FA got you under investigation. ;D
  4. No. But if Soton managed to finish third, did well in Champions League, and stayed at top half more or less the next season (with more or less the same players), maybe one or two deserve a chance, don't you think? Maybe the top scorer, the top assister, or the little conceded defender or goalie? Tyson, if soton managed to do at least as above, did it felt right if NONE got called to the three lion?
  5. Wow, look at all the heat thrown. These days, this forum is getting harder to discuss stuff proper way if somehow one implied the game is not perfect, no matter how many times you stated that you are not attacking the game. This, my friend, is the main discussion. Form should taken more into consideration; not everything; but into consideration more. That's why IRL some top players got dropped to another players. Balotelli, Peter Crouch, Veron, Casillas, Cech, et cetera. And no, that is not my logic at all. I stated that NONE got called. Every time we start a game, we load, right. Whether one schose to abandon a result and reloading, is one's choice. Hey, the game allowed it. Even the SI staff said somewhere that how one chose to play the game, it's ok. What I suggested is, from previous comment made by others, if SI want to prevent that, simply a little code to make a save game resulted in a loss if one abandon a game after a match is played. Or you know, laugh at me is okay too.
  6. IMO, reloading or not, form should take more parts into selection. Reloading is a legit way of playing. Whether it is considered cheating or not, and whether SI should or shan't take into consideration this kind of playing behaviour, the fact is we almost all agree that form taken far less into consideration than reputation and potential. I am not complaining, only suggesting. Please look at the object, players on form getting overlooked, not the subject, OP is cheating And regarding that saving and reloading stuff, to win cups and leagues, you don't need to win every game, you know that right? Rather than the suggesting blank form from last loading time, a better way to implement is to prevent saving-reload cheating at all. Auto saving a little code after every match simulated. Just hoping this form thing have better accomodation in next FM series.
  7. I finished top in serie C and B. 3rd in A. No messing with editor. Only save, load, instant result; which at some point in "the game" POV shouldn't called cheating. IRL, if Soton finished top 3 and go to UCL for 2 years straight, I wonder will any of their players got called for three lions? It's not that extreme. Fulham did it. Chievo did it. Way back then, Parma did it. Suggesting that a club is no way going top is overstatement, as if it is hardcoded in the game. I've seen posts people claiming taking clubs like Luton to top of the world. To make my point clear again, I don't blame SI. Where did you get the idea I'm blaming? Just suggesting if form could take bigger part in international callup. And really not nice jump to conclusion that I use editor. But that's your opinion and arguing other way serve no point if you have thought that way.
  8. IMO, it's not a bug, per se. But merely the calculation used to international calling is not good enough (for some times now). Mind you that the argument of "scenario that shouldn't exist" is not fit in place here, as I cheated without altering any database, just basic save and load until win/draw. And constantly performing from serie C to A surely meant something. Chelsea was a mediocre team once in Gullit's era. So, in the game world, my players should not merely inferior fringe anymore, but stars, if not superstars.
  9. I agree. But nevertheless, the game world should see them as a group of amazing players at a club, constantly performing. Don't you agree?
  10. How can the AI manager knew I was cheating? I'm sorry, maybe I was not very clear with "broken". What I meant, the int'l manager decision on calling players based heavily on PA, and that should need a little fixing. All that matters in the cheated save is a group of constantly high in form players not called up to home nation int'l side. It is not very realistic.
  11. save, load, instant result, repeat, profit...
  12. I'm not reporting anything. Just posting my experiment. Wondering if anyone else have too much time to do the same and the result will differ. Sorry if I hurted you in anyway. Maybe you have more right to post in here and have more of the game than me. Btw, @brawla123 guessed right. None italian got called up. Some polish, colombian got called up though.
  13. I took control of a less than mediocre team, San Marino in Italy. Then I cheated my way up to Serie A, eventually winning all the leagues and cups possible from serie C, finished top three in Serie A. Never once signed a reputable player. Only unnamed Italian. Because of the cheating, eventually my players gained high match ratings, high amount of goals and assists. Now, I have a question for you. How many of those Italians get picked up for Italian International sides? This should not happened in FM any more. PA is broken. At very least it is not enough.
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