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  1. Can confirm to have the same issue using a custom Czech league system I had assumed it was down to a hardcoded wage rule in my own case
  2. Only way I can think of is doing a relegation play-off from the 4th tier as a work-around, that selects X amount of teams from the lower tier Though, you have to have at least one 4th tier team set to go into the relegation playoff
  3. Shamelessly necro'ing my own thread Not sure if I can do this within FM2017, I see there is a Financial Fair Play Rules in the editor, but not sure how it works, and if it'll override the 75% cap
  4. Forum search is failing me here, but I'm wondering Is it possible to create a youth league with promotion/relegation?
  5. Yea, I've just given up, it really seems a game engine bug, meaning it's now down to SI to acknowledge, and try to fix it
  6. Honestly, I've given up trying for a 16/18 setup, altered the promotions so it'll go 18/18, and all the issues have gone - biggest issue being, with a 16/18 setup, I was having teams being placed into the 16 team league, but not being put into the table, or given fixtures, and basically becoming ghost teams Thank for trying to help though mate, shame it seems that it's an engine issue, not an editor one from what I can tell
  7. Well, I don't normally either, but tried it, in case it was something I'd done with the advanced editor without realising
  8. Just tried doing down to tier 3 with just the basic editor, and the same issue exists. So I think this might be a game bug that is unfix-able via the editor
  9. Are you talking about the option of "Use Regional Divisions to Organize teams" ? This problem is occurring regardless of being checked or not
  10. Ok, so I had to put in a parent comp rules in order for the file to validate, in the first 2 seasons, works fine However, the issue comes to, on the 3rd season, it tries to equal them out again, and it errors out on file validation unless I put min/max numbers, in which case it allows the 17/17 split to occur In game though, it seems to run fine, but obviously am stuck having all leagues selected I've attached the file, but if there isn't a way to fix it as it were, are there usually any actual problems running an unvalidated file in the game? CzechNew_C93978C5-1361-48ED-A291-218B8CED5AE9.fmf
  11. Do wish the game wouldn't keep trying to force child comps to have equal numbers, rather frustrating
  12. Well that sucks I've added rankings, but either I've done it wrong, or it's no good as the bug is still present
  13. Ok, so on my custom file, I have created Czech leagues down to tier 4, with division numbers changing for season #2 To make this work, I've had to run a playoff at tier 4. for both promotion, and relegation. This playoff is for only 3 of the 5 Child competitions Now it all works in terms of teams going up, and down, however competition winner is not recorded, nor is league stats recorded into the history of any team taking part in the 3 child competitions that have the playoffs Every other competition (inc. the 2 child comps of tier 4. not leading to any playoffs) work fine in regards to history, it's just these 3 FMF is attached CzechNew_C93978C5-1361-48ED-A291-218B8CED5AE9.fmf
  14. I seem to have fixed it by deleting the parent rule list, seems having a ruleset for a parent competition messes with the child competition numbers showhow
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