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1 "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"


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  1. Is it possible to create monthly awards? I can't seem to see a monthly option in time period, only weekly, season, yearly, etc
  2. Forum search is failing me here, but I'm wondering Is it possible to create a youth league with promotion/relegation?
  3. Had a player from the Cook Islands who was an amazing striker years back
  4. Guessing it's due to the r & n looking like a m due to the font
  5. Limitation of the 3d Engine really, give it a couple of years when most variations are in the game, and hopefully it'll look better
  6. I also find it funny that apparently you were "speechless" lol
  7. I've not seen that before Sorenson The AI ass. manager will always use whatever tactic I've set, even without me having to press the "use tactic" checkbox Try actually going into the match and then holidaying maybe?
  8. To be honest, this line of thinking makes sense in theory, just a case of whether it works in practise Might alter my training to go along these lines as well at some point
  9. @eastley At a guess, his CA is close to his PA maybe? So to increase the skills being trained in the CB category, other skills have had to drop, and due to attribute weighting for each position, the drop will be very noticeable with little gain on the others But that's a guess without actually seeing numbers
  10. The help assistant saying "I want to offer this person a contract"? lol (Yes, I see that you're Liverpool )
  11. Not anymore, England fell out of the top 3 in the UEFA Fair Play Table meaning Fulham will only qualify if they win it, and Burnley won't regardless Edit: Linky - http://www.sportinglife.com/story_get.cgi?STORY_NAME=soccer/10/05/11/SOCCER_Burnley.html
  12. In that news item, it should be showing how many games in the season, not the career
  13. Does this really work though? Or is it something that is presumed to have an effect because of RL? (ie. is the game actually programmed to recognize this?)
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