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  1. Djuicer, I can't believe your 451 ( or 4141 dm wide as the game names it ) from the beginning of the thread doesn't get much more recognition. I'm playing as Maribor, my local club in Slovenia and buying only Slovenian players under 21 ( which you can guess doesn't make for much of a team ). I am playing some lovely football. Keeping track of my players' individual mentality is really the key in my players' positioning in defence and offense. Players stick together forming some nice and tight triangles. Because of players staying close to each other there's also some nice pressing on display.
  2. I`m still using your 433 ( or 41221 ) and loving the passing and gameplay: i I never paid any attention to individual mentality but now my players are attacking and defending together. What do you think if I raised the tempo? Did you ever try it?
  3. It´s playing some nice football. TI´s and PI´s are the same as yours: - WBR and WBL ( s ) : CROSS LESS OFTEN, SHOOT LESS OFTEN - DM ( s ) : HOLD POSITION - RPM ( s ) : MORE DIRECT PASSES, RUN WIDE WITH BALL, MOVE INTO CHANNELS - IWR ( s ) : GET FURTHER FORWARD, STAY WIDER - IWL ( s ) : TAKE MORE RISKS, CROSS LESS OFTEN, GET FURTHER FORWARD, STAY WIDER - PF ( a ) : TAKE MORE RISKS, ROAM FROM POSITION I also started training One - Two PPM for every player except DM and BPD´s and I can´t wait to see some nice passing when the players learn it. I´m interest
  4. DJUICER, I´m using regular 451 - SK (a), WB (s), BPD (def), BPD (def), WB (s), DM (s), RPM (s), MEZ (s), IW (s), IW (s), PF (att).
  5. Thank you for your hard work, DJUICER. I´m enjoying 4 - 5 - 1 with Pressing Forward ( the last one ). I would like to know which PPM´s are you teaching your players ( besides One - Two )? I know you´ve written this down in several posts but would it be asking too much to write them again in one post or in OP? I would like to know them to get the most of the gameplay this tactic can offer. Tactic already plays great and I would like to use to full potential. Thank you in advance and keep up the good work.
  6. How do you train Sweeper Keeper Tries to Play Way Out Of Trouble PPM? I have tried to find it but it doesn´t even give me an option to do it. Is it even possible for goalkeepers to do it? And yes I know where to teach PPM´s.
  7. https://www.guidetofm.com/players/traits I´m using this site as reference to player traits and I´m using the same tactic as you ( from american football returns topic ) and I made my DLP (d ) learn traits: - runs with ball rarely ( because of DRIBBLE LESS pi and defend duty ) - stay back at all times ( because of HOLD POSITION pi and defend duty ) - refrain from taking long shots ( because of SHOOT LESS OFTEN pi )
  8. I wrote couple of posts in the past about how ME is bad and everything. I have been critical of this ME, but since then I tried to return to basics of making tactic and a lot of watching videos from Rashidi and reading different articles about tactics. I changed everything and stopped using downloaded tactics, started everything from scratch and I can say that I´m finally enjoying this edition of FM. I just wanted to take back my words about ME and write something good about it. Enjoying the game again!
  9. I know I will have to. I am trying this in my save and I don´t want to ruin it so I am asking so many questions. Would you explain more what you meant by that? I˙m still a rookie in making tactics.
  10. I´m afraid that if I use a lot of support duties and add some playmakers that they will keep the ball and there will be lack of runs and penetration. This is how i´m set up currently: No PI´s.
  11. That is my expectation. Ok, maybe not consistently because they could make mistakes in choosing the right option ( everyone does ), but I would like my players to have a lot of passing options on the pitch even if they don´t use them always. As I get smarter players they will make better choices but I have to set up my tactic so that they have those options. Wouldn´t playing possession style make my players sometimes retain the ball when it would be smarter to play more direct?
  12. Guys, should I use two Defensive Midfielders ( Anchor Man (d) - DLP (d) or DM (s) 2x ) instead of Central Midfielders? That would certainly make my defence stronger but would it take too much from my attack? How would the build up play be? Does anyone have experience with this kind of setup?
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