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  1. https://www.guidetofm.com/players/traits I´m using this site as reference to player traits and I´m using the same tactic as you ( from american football returns topic ) and I made my DLP (d ) learn traits: - runs with ball rarely ( because of DRIBBLE LESS pi and defend duty ) - stay back at all times ( because of HOLD POSITION pi and defend duty ) - refrain from taking long shots ( because of SHOOT LESS OFTEN pi )
  2. I wrote couple of posts in the past about how ME is bad and everything. I have been critical of this ME, but since then I tried to return to basics of making tactic and a lot of watching videos from Rashidi and reading different articles about tactics. I changed everything and stopped using downloaded tactics, started everything from scratch and I can say that I´m finally enjoying this edition of FM. I just wanted to take back my words about ME and write something good about it. Enjoying the game again!
  3. I know I will have to. I am trying this in my save and I don´t want to ruin it so I am asking so many questions. Would you explain more what you meant by that? I˙m still a rookie in making tactics.
  4. I´m afraid that if I use a lot of support duties and add some playmakers that they will keep the ball and there will be lack of runs and penetration. This is how i´m set up currently: No PI´s.
  5. That is my expectation. Ok, maybe not consistently because they could make mistakes in choosing the right option ( everyone does ), but I would like my players to have a lot of passing options on the pitch even if they don´t use them always. As I get smarter players they will make better choices but I have to set up my tactic so that they have those options. Wouldn´t playing possession style make my players sometimes retain the ball when it would be smarter to play more direct?
  6. Guys, should I use two Defensive Midfielders ( Anchor Man (d) - DLP (d) or DM (s) 2x ) instead of Central Midfielders? That would certainly make my defence stronger but would it take too much from my attack? How would the build up play be? Does anyone have experience with this kind of setup?
  7. I am trying to make tactic that can be used from LLM to top European football without too much changing and through all patches that will be released ( that´s why I am trying to limit PI´s and TI´s ). By suiting the players you mean roles - wise? Because formation suits them.
  8. After reading what you posted I decided against this because I think those changes would limit my players´ choices. I don´t want them to keep the ball just for possession´s sake and miss an opportunity for through ball if it occurs. Changing roles to support would make my tactic unbalanced roles - wise.
  9. I would also like to hear suggestion about achieving nice passing triangles all over the pitch. I want my player with the ball to always have two playes ready to receive a pass in every zone of the pitch. Can this be achieved?
  10. I am using BTB because I wanted a runner there and I was afraid that MEZ would occupy the same space as WINGER and I didn't use any of the playmakers there because I already have a DLP and I don't want to have more than one playmaker role in my team. I tried to avoid balls over the top with standard defensive line ( I like high intensity pressing and hard tackling and closing down but that just leads to trouble in some games ) As far as TI are concerned I am using 3 at the moment ( this will likely change as the time passes ): - Play slightly wider in possession ( I think if we stretch the pitch a little then the holes might appear in opposition defence ) - Take short kicks in transition ( because otherwise GK keeps blasting the ball long to attackers which doesn't work if they are midgets ☺ ) - Press more urgent ( I want my defenders to hassle the opponent when they pass our line of engagement ) Oh and I also added shoot less often PI to every player.
  11. I wanted to create lots of movement between the players ( that´s the idea behing the DLF - SS combo ) without a single PI ( just by using roles ). In theory I thought that DLF on support would drag defender out so that SS can fill the space that defenders leaves. Let´s see it in practice.
  12. I meant to use balanced mentality so that things are nice and balanced on the pitch, not too attacking and not too defensive and as I said no PI´s or TI´s. I want my players to see space on the pitch and use it accordingly. If there´s a space for ball into space then I want them to use it but if there is no space behind them I want them to patiently wait for openings. My thought process behind those roles are to be universal on the pitch and to react right based on the events on the pitch and to have players in every zone of the field and to change tempo as needed. I would like for all my players to play this formation to get fluid with it so that my players know with their eyes closed what to do and where to stand on the pitch without changing too much roles or anything in tactics. Basically I would like something like this to be my tactical philosophy throughout all my squads ( from U - 18 and up ). Am I asking too much maybe?
  13. I´ve been playing FM and CM for years now but I have always used downloaded tactics, but this year I would like to make my own 4-2-3-1 from scratch so that I don˝t use exploitable tactics anymore so that I don´t have to change tactics every patch. My general idea of roles was: DLF (s) IF (s) SS (a) W (a) DLP ( d ) BBM (s) FB (a) CD (d) CD (d) FB (s) SK (d) I was thinking of not using any PI or TI so that I wouldn´t limit my player´s choices or make them do something that they can´t do. What I would like to know from some tactical guru´s on here is if I´am on the right track or should I change anything. I have no general idea how I would like to play, only that I would like to make a tactic that suits most of the players that I have and most of the formations I face.
  14. I just played a game where my striker had 4 one on one chances with a goalie and missing ALL of them. Supply is good because striker gets his chances. He just needs around 8-10 shots to score. It´s like something is holding him back.
  15. Either you are very lucky or we are not playing the same game. Don´t get me wrong. My results are very good but the performance of my strikers ( of any role ) are very poor.
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