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  1. Hey - is it possible to edit a player's role? So if I wanted a player to be a natural at AML, but I specifically want him to be a natural at say winger and not inside forward, how would I do that? I can only see that you can increase/decrease their suitability out of 20 for the position itself (centre back, AML, S etc)
  2. Can anyone possibly help? I'm going round in circles trying to figure out how to get my staff to ask me how we want to prepare for the match
  3. Hi - I know the last few years one option when you scout your upcoming opponent is what you want to concentrate on (Attacking set piece, Teamwork etc) - why am I not asked this now? I have my Asst Man doing all training but I always have anyway so not sure why I'm not asked this anymore? Thanks in advance
  4. Not sure if this is a bug or if I need to change a setting, however my II team in Germany (RB Leipzig II, Regionalliga) and my B team in Spain (Atletico de Madrid B, Tercera Division) have no games scheduled so I need to constantly arrange friendlies for them (even though the box "Team Manager Arranges Friendly Matches" is ticked) so the players in those squads don't rot. What's strange in the German example is that last season, in the same league, my second team played 40 games. Any idea as to how these guys can have a run out without me micromanaging every few weeks?
  5. Thanks - it seems really random and I manage in England, Italy and Germany. Here is what I tend to find: England: Totally random. Some players of all ages play, some don't. In the Championship I tend to get most of my players that I make available play, whereas in the Prem next to none (and most of them would not play any first team games) Italy: 35 yr old back up keeper always plays. Other first teamers made available rarely play Germany: Have to make my own fixtures every week for my II side and then make the players available for that two side. Last season however my II side had its own fixtures. The season before again it didn't (all seasons have been Regionalliga) Very frustrating to manage a squad this way
  6. Every week I get the option to make players available for my under 23 sides across the various teams I manage, and every week I try to make them available through the drop down box. When the game is played however most of the players don't play, or none, or in some cases all - it seems to be very random (most of the time about 20% of the players I make available actually play depending on the league) Am I doing something wrong?
  7. Has anyone had any issues registering players into their La Liga team in the January window? It may specifically affect loanees only. I have loaned a player from PSG and one from Valencia, and it tells me both are unregistered. When I click on the 'Unr' it takes me to the registration page and I can add other players but not those two. They are available for the Cup(s). I have had them for at least a week. Any ideas?
  8. This has now happened with league games if my teams are playing at the same time and one is on holiday. Really frustrating
  9. I have two teams I play as in this game, a German one and an English one, and this has happened in both their respective domestic cups. I just unticked "arrange friendlies" and still the same. The league games it is allowing me to take control. Very frustrating. I have my first CL fixtures coming up and I hope it doesn't simulate those...
  10. Sorry if this is obvious or has been asked before (I have searched and found nothing) but why can i not play my domestic cup matches? I press submit team, next thing I know the game has been simulated like it was a friendly. I have my assistant arranging and taking care of friendlies but I didn't think that extended to the League Cup - any ideas?
  11. Sorry if this has been posted previously or is obvious but I was wondering how I can set up loans and transfers OUT to always require certain conditions unless I intervene. So for instance I want to make a condition of someone loaning my player that the player can play against my team. Or I want it to be a condition of sale that I get a sell on fee (I can then remove these conditions in individual transfers, but I want them to be the default) I thought I saw a way to do this but for the life of me I can't find how I did it - is this an option or was I imagining things? Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks for the replies. Greatly appreciated.
  13. Ok thanks - so you believe I load the disc, log into Stream, then the editor will work on my physical game as well (via download I guess?) Sorry for all the questions. It's just if I don't have the editor on the physical game it will push me to buy through Stream
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