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  1. Did you buy the new ipad 2017? i have it and want to know if FM Touch 17 works on it as i have asked the question and no replies it's listed in the store for me to buy so assume it works.
  2. Hi not sure if this has been asked or not but does FM Touch work on the new ipad 2017?
  3. Why hasn't the PC version of FM Touch been updated?
  4. resolved

    Mine has also started doing this it has been fine until today seems very weird.
  5. Hi been playing the Beta version of FMT loving it so far just wondering what size databases everyone is using and how many leagues you got running.
  6. On the touch version are we able to see the Cup Draws like on the previous versions been playing the Beta version and haven't seen any cup draws at all anyone else have the same problem?
  7. I'm 44 and still love playing the game and have been since CM Italia on the Amiga so no your never to old
  8. Newcastle or Middlesborough hate both of them
  9. Hi can anybody help but how do you get the saved game from the Vita back on to the PC.
  10. I've been playing 4-5-1 on standard and using the get stuck in command working well with my 1860 Munich side got promoted and got the German Cup Quarter Finals.
  11. what i tend to do is use the default ones and use control also checking out your opposition report and find out what tactic they seem to leek a lot of goals in and use that one it seems to work with my Motherwell game went 19 games unbeaten hope this helps a bit
  12. Hi have been playing the FMC Mode and must admit i am really enjoying it i have the Eng,Scot and Spain loaded just wondering what leagues everybody else is using and is there any you'd recommend trying out??
  13. Hi been playing around trying to get the most players possible for my FMC game by going through the Full fat game and selecting the 3 nations i want to use i've selected Eng,Italy and Spain which said on the full fat game would be around 27,000 just wondering if there is anything higher than this or is 27,000 plenty enough for my game.