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  1. what's the best tactic for a mid class team like Newcastle? also for a team like man city
  2. Hello Knap, What do you think the best tactic you do is now? like ti keep up to date
  3. hello Knap What's the best tactic to use now? you have so many its hard to keep up lol
  4. knap whats the best tactic of yours in your opinion ???
  5. Hello looking for a laptop to last me and to be ables to run most leagues have around £500-700 to spend also wanna be able to play 3d matches
  6. Thank you for the reply I have checked through all this and I am up to date...still having issues I have tried without my custom database and still having issues have also tried using the patch before the new one and still having issues
  7. Hello Team.... I keep getting this error message when I am trying to start my game.....I am using a custom database and also adding a lot of leagues can you help me with this?
  8. still having issues loading this up....walter cup issue aswell anyone who can help?
  9. I was wondering if you was going to add him into the game as a player? He's already a manager In the game...so won't be hard?
  10. yeah that was pretty cool from last years fm... Just came across Diego Armando Maradona Sinagra not as good as hes father oh dear...
  11. Hello everyone first of all i would like to say happy new year to all of you:cool: I have been playing around with the editor for a few hours now and was looking into the "Hazard" name and came across hes other two brothers that we all know about...this made me curious to who else has brothers or sons in the game... I type in Zidane and came across Enzo Zidane who i already knew about but also came across Luca Zidane the 16 son to Zidane plays for real madrid as a goalkeeper!! I got proper excited don't know why... Anyways just wondering if you guys know anymore former players who have sons or even brothers in the game?
  12. http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/laptops-netbooks/laptops/laptops/lenovo-g50-15-6-laptop-black-10030410-pdt.html#cat-0 Could this run a lot of leagues on FM 2015? Could it cope with all of them? Thank you
  13. Hello Gents, Yes I have the game...Just going through the players Wondered if anyone wanted me to check anyone for them?
  14. how do you edit the ca/pa? I cant find the button for this many thanks
  15. I cant download it either??
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