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  1. Hi all I recently brought FM20 touch on Nintendo Switch. I like all the detail it has but one thing is puzzling me. Where is the player history stats? I mean can I view the stats of Harry Kane for the last 5 years etc? I want to see how many goals my players have got I previous seasons compared to this season. Am I missing something on the screen. I have found the club history stats and can see what Man Utd did in 1930 etc
  2. Can teams go into administration and have points deducted? I'm -£420,000 and have broken the FFP rules in ENG League 2. I'm Gosport Borough and since getting promoted from the south league my finances have been going on a downward spiral. This season I have lost £237,000 so far and in the Conference I lost £203,000 in that season. I was in the Green in the south league
  3. Hi guys this is the 1st one of these I have done. I have decided to share my story as I'm proud of what I have achieved in my 10 in-game years so far. I have used my own tactics, some have worked, some haven't. I started my career unemployed and with the lowest experience settings and this is how my career path goes. I don't want to go into to much depth even tough I have screenshots for every season I have done. I landed a job in the Brazilian 3rd division with a team called Aguia de Maraba at 1st. A team which was unfunded and I overachieved The screenshot below was taken in 2020 and shows my journeyman career so far and my switch of formations My latest Manager screenshot August 2014 and once again a formation change and as you can see my attributes have grown greatly My career achievements I have decided to try and take Bognor to the premier league and therefore completing the dafuge's FM15 challenge if I make it that is.
  4. OK thanks for the feedback will try some different things
  5. I know my season objective is to avoid relegation but this really does take the Michael now, considering how good my season started. Same players, staff etc. I use my own tactics which is in my workshop Josh Knight or below
  6. Have a fit squad and always close down attacking players
  7. Who remembers the Thai wonderkid that used to be at Portsmouth? Supat Rungratsamee http://galeri7.uludagsozluk.com/248/supat-rungratsamee_392321.jpg
  8. What would have been good in FM15 with the coaching side is that if you could fund the training yourself using the wages you get. I'm currently managing a Brazilian third division team which all I can say is I have more money than them so you won't fund me but all of my coaches have privately funded there courses. All I can say now is I'm glad they gradually increase with games you play
  9. I'm having the same problem. Databases are fine but custom challenges don't work!
  10. Name: Teddy Ngoy Age: 24 Nationality: DR Congo Club: Free Agent Position: Centre Back Value: (now) 2.7K Sale Value: Work Permit Needed?: No Signed for Havant & W Vanarama South
  11. I sold my 22 year old goalie for 190K on FM14
  12. Guess I will have to sell Jackson Martinez then
  13. Ok folks how easy do you find it too stay in Financial control of your team? I am FC Porto, who are obviously one of the biggest teams in the world yet each year I find myself selling players just so I stay in the black. (Last year made 48M through transfers) I have gained 90% Board confidence in controlling the wage budget. I have a remaining transfer budget of 17.5M and a wage budget of 166K p/w and last year had made 18.8M on prize money alone yet still ended this season 3.8M in the red? My projection has me at -37.75M in 3 years time? (If I don't sell my wonder striker Jackson Martinez that is)
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