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  1. Haven't had a decent look at my Reutlingen save for about a week now, will have a crack at it tonight. If I get bored I might leave that for a while, but I will definetley come back to it at some point!
  2. SSV Reutlingen - Season 2012/2013 - German Third Division First of all I'd like to say...CHAMPIONS! Was totally unexpected, but we came through and had an excellent season! Here's the final League Table Position Graph We brought in some very strong players in the summer and I think that was key to our title win. Transfers Squad As you can probably see from the squad list, 2 players in particular stood out. Here they are: Andy Schmidt - It's hard to think this kid's only 15 - what a debut season! Eddy Vorm - Didn't have a great season at all last season, dramatically improved this season and formed an amazing partnership with Schmidt! Other Players of Note: Fabian Herchenhan - Was rock solid at the back. Mauro Macchia - Had a great season once again, terrorises defenders. Abdou Sall - He's aging, but performed brilliantly in both CB and CM. Sascha Bigalke - Was constantly plagued by injuries, but performed very well - will be sad to see him go at the end of the season. Honours Manager of The Year Team of The Year - Andy Schmidt Next Season Expectations -Strengthen Squad to cope in a higher league. -Secure finances -STAY UP! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas guys.
  3. Thanks for the advice mate. Just had a look and he's been labelled the next Miroslav Klose!
  4. Just found a gem for a free transfer. Only 15 and already considered the best striker in my squad. Andy Schmidt
  5. SSV Reutlingen 05 - Season 2011/2012 - German Third Division Decent season overall, was hoping to maybe secure a top half finish, but it wasn't to be. League Table Position Graph We had a really bad start to the season and turned it round well. We could hardly string a win together but we recovered well. Squad Here are the Standout Performers: Top Scorer: Sami El-Nounou, 16 Most Assists: Mauro Macchia, 12 Best AVR: Mauro Macchia, 7.03 Other Players of Note: Stratos Tzakis Abdou Sall Emre Yesil - The 15 year-old I showed you before. I give him quite a few runouts and he actually looked pretty decent. Around The World Champions League - Atletico Madrid Europa League - Inter Milan World Player of The Year - 1) Steven Gerrard 2) Wayne Rooney 3) Gonzalo Higuain World Golden Ball - 1) Cristiano Ronaldo 2) Wayne Rooney 3) Sergio Aguero World Team of The Year Probably won't be another update now until after Christmas, so I'll wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, and good luck with all your saves.
  6. Going to start this challenge in Germany, with SSV Reutlingen 05 Here's my Profile Bit of Club Information for you. Start with a pretty decent team, and have made quite a few nice transfers already. Each season will take a while mind, my computer is possibly the worst computer ever Wish me luck! EDIT: Just found this fella iin my U19's - looks amazing!
  7. Must we have permission here to post a sign-up? If so, could I post one? A basic team sign-up based in Italy.
  8. Can anyone think of a Porteguese team name for a sign-up I'm thinking of doing please?
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