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  1. No, you didn't "mention how this isn't hockey". You rudely hit out at biglukes' response, as if his clarification was encroaching on your personal space or human rights or something. Your exact words were: "I don't want to know about you 'pulling your goalkeeper' in hockey"...? Exactly what use does this response serve, and why was it so necessary to bring it so clearly to his attention? His original question was obviously misunderstood, so he clarified it. Who are you to "set the record straight" on what you do and don't want to know from him? And second, we can play semantics all day, and claim that you were merely telling him "how soccer isn't really used", but we both know your angle - you just wanted to take a jab at him for using the term soccer. Trust me, I see it happen every single time the term "soccer" is uttered in the presence of a European. Lastly, there was "aboot". Yet another unnecessary personal jab at biglukes. Considering this is the second time in about a week that I've seen you respond so rudely to someone, I can't help myself from saying at least something.
  2. You really need to tone your attitude down a bit. This is the second post I've seen in only about a week where you've responded so rudely and inappropriately. Third post, if counting the unnecessary "aboot" remark.
  3. Unless there's a touchline shout for it, I think you're stuck taking the risk with a full blown tactical change.
  4. I've never done it myself, but you should be able to sub a fielder into the goalkeeper spot, and then move him out into the position you want him in.
  5. Managerial Rivalries

    How common are manager rivalries/mind games in FM 2011? I'm still on 2010, and I've never seen another manager say anything about me or my team. It almost seems like I have to instigate something... it's kind of boring .
  6. Personally, I wouldn't consider this crazy at all. Ultimately, it's about extending the experience by creating the feeling of actually being there. This is pretty common with simulation games. Take, for example, flight simulation - homebuilt cockpits are very popular, and many can easily cost thousands of dollars before they're done.
  7. Wow, what's up your butt? This thread is perfect for what he wanted to post.
  8. True. But that turns into 60 a year. 120 for two years, 180 for three years, etc., etc. In dollars, we're looking at $8 a month, $96 a year (!), $192 for two years (!!), etc., etc. Maybe I'm cheap, but that's frightening. Almost $100 to play a game for just a year? One can get Football Manager for $40, and play it as long as they want... and they don't have to deal with all the cheats and weasels that come with online gaming .
  9. I really hope they improve this setting for 2012, and give us better control over it. Especially for these career games, it's very annoying having to fudge our reputation into place via all these indirect settings and factors. It'd be much nicer if it was more direct and controlled. I passed-up FM 2011 because of this, and I'd hate to have to skip another one. Let me finally play a career with my real nationality, and you'll get your $40!
  10. Feeding the Yak?

    If you feed the troll, he will score. Not sure about the Yak, though.
  11. Any Aussie Play this game!!

    Yeah, it must be. 'Cause it's not like there's already an established American sport called "Football"...
  12. Your favourite kind of FM save?

    Career. Never in my experience with Football Manager, have I manually picked a team to start with.
  13. The idea is good, leighdegree. But Football Manager isn't the series for it. Football Manager's focus is on the manager position. And since we already have games that do those other things, we don't need them squeezed onto SI's agenda; We can simply go play those other games.
  14. american regens

    It also doesn't help that it's generally seen as a women's sport over here. Maybe that's not true in other places, but I know in my area it is. Once they reach the latter stages of elementary school, most boys tend to move on to American football or basketball, whereas the girls usually keep playing soccer.
  15. Long term game still sucks

    Speak for yourself. Plus, I really doubt it's that much of an "either/or". The 3D match engine was likely in development behind the scenes for many years before they released it in FM 2009; Not a spontaneous implementation that they decided to do instead of other things. For all we know, they could already have a new transfer engine and/or player development engine being worked on, and just like the 3D match engine, they'll implement them when they're ready. In other words, just because we have a 3D match engine, doesn't mean these other engines got the boot.