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  1. Excellent post, CaptainPlanet Career gameplay really does need more recognition. What I would like to see, and I know this isn't a feature, but it's a bug that can significantly ruin career gameplay: the nationality/reputation bug. Basically, your reputation will be "National" with any nationality other than English. So if you want to start at the bottom of the barrel as an unproven manager, you have to select English as your nationality. Of course, if you're actually English, this won't matter, and you've probably never noticed this... but if you're not, then it seriously detracts from the experience when you can't play as your self. At least, not without getting a much easier gameplay experience due to starting with a larger reputation.
  2. I always put mine over the Match Controls button at the bottom, then slide it directly down and off the screen. Not really a superstition, though. It's mostly just to avoid having it hovering over the pitch, or any other information.
  3. My enjoyment right now is at about 75%. And the missing quarter is due to having to dodge all the leagues with registration, just to be safe from the possibility of any registration bugs.
  4. Excellent idea, duccio. They're lookin' really good.
  5. Sounds like all this human cheating needs to be fixed in a patch. ...How's the AI supposed to have any fun when SI rigs the human to make great comebacks?
  6. My crusade for a great touch of realism will not end just because my main requesting platform is dead(EHM)... so here's my only wish for a future FM: An option to hide attributes! (like in the freeware EHM as well as OOTP's great version of this concept) ...No numbers telling us what a player can do on the pitch, and/or in his future; No coloured arrows to hide the numbers whilst still giving us what real managers don't have. ...Just scouting reports, stats, history, and our own judgement is all we have to determine a player's skill when using this option. Having used this in the original EHM, I know it's a boat-load of fun to play with... and it can actually make the game slightly easier sometimes, since there's no attributes to throw-off your judgement of those 'bad attributes, good performances' type of players. Please, I'm begging for this one! P.S. I know there will be a bunch of people against this idea(there was with EHM at least), and that's why I'm proposing it in the form of an option, like the "display graphical attributes" option. If you can't play without attributes, then don't take the time to turn on this 'hide attributes' option.
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