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  1. Always start with no coaching exp and no former player exp. Brann(Norway 2016), Lysekloster(Norway 2016, yes I was sacked twice in a season), Heist (3.div Belgium 2016/2021), FC Groningen 2021/2022), Start (Norway 2022) Leiknir R ( Iceland 2022), Stjarnan ( Iceland 2022/2024), Skeid( Norway 2024/2025), Groupe Spotif Consolat ( France 2025/2026) EFT Frèjus Saint-Raphaël ( France 2027/2033), Preston (Eng 2033/2034), Northampton (Eng 2034/2035 ), KA ( Iceland 2035/2036 ), Jammerbugt FC (Denmark 2037), Fjölnir ( Ice 2037 ), Fana ( Nor 2038/2040), Førde ( Nor 2038/2040 ), Nest-Sotra ( Nor 2041), Handknattleiksfèlag Kòpavogs ( Ice 2041-2061 )
  2. Currently in year 2061 and absolutely love my save. I enjoy it so much, that I wish fm 2018 would be a revolution ! Insanly improved 3D, AI int media questions( media is so repetetive ) etc etc- Butt still preorderd it. The more money SI gets, the better I hope FM gets. I have played FM/CM since I was 8 or 9 ( cm93 was first version) years old, even before I learned english. Its my fav game of all time, and think it allways will be. So cant wait until the day in a long distant future where the game is so realistisc and you sit there with 3d glasses( or even sicker tech) and virually stadning on the pitch managing your team !
  3. When beeing interviewed after a match, when like a red card or an wrongly given offside goal, you should be able to see a much better replay of that situastion, before commentating to the media.
  4. Like when you get new players to your team, you can take a photo of his stats and save it to his profile in some matter, then you can easy find it later to compare with.
  5. See this : That ball is inn, but then became a owngoal. I should be able to object on it. Make it happend
  6. Lets say you have scouted 100players at the same time over a 2 months periode. And when the reports come back in the mailbox, it would have helped ALOT if the reports came in a starbased order. 5stars players comes first, then 4,3, ect. So you can get thru the crap alot faster then we can now.
  7. Got a problem that I want fixed I always start in Tippeligan / Norway and gets my team to CL lots of times, gets a huge stadium, other Norwegians teams get to CL and Euroleauge, Tippeligan gets 4 stars, National team get up to fifht place or better on the rankings, but every year, not a single good player comes from clubs from Norway! I got top youth facilities, good youth coaches and normal coaches, but youth recruitment is avg. Not a single player thats been created by the game in Norway get above 70% Potential Rating according to Genie Scout. Since this is in Norway I expect it to be in other middel to poor Leauges, and they never get a chance to greate good players
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