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  1. cool man, thanks for the info fairly strange though,, could i apply for the job?
  2. ok, sorry if i wasted anyones time, honestly couldnt see anywhere that it was a bug., do u know if it stays like that or the next manager might be real or anther regen?
  3. ok, so iv tried to google this and find out if its just my save or the game or whatever. so, im in august 2014 with barcelona, just about to start my 4 season, i have a large database, but just spanish leagues loaded, first 6 i think. then all players with national rep from europe and south america. so spain have just won the world cup,again, and del bosque retires.... fair enough, but the new appointment is a random regen, without any good stats, no experience or nothing. im thinking there are at least two good manager that have been sacked from la liga at the seasons end, but nothing, a regen?? very strange no? anyways i had the game saved about 2 or 3 weeks previous to this, so i loaded and holidayed to the appointment date, same result, the regen has a different name now, and place of birth, but same type of regen , late 40's, early 50's , no good attributes, no previous experience, i done this a few times, and all the same, apart from name and p.o.b is this a bug or has anyone else come across this? i set up this account to try find out for myself, coz i could find anything anywhere to say it was common, or a bug, or just a 1 off on my save. would like to know, coz i rarely get very far into this game , well the last few editions anyway, just find it very strange, the game would not sign at least an non contracted manager, there are plenty, some good spanish ones too. anyway, any replies would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading and sorry its so long.
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