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  1. Thanks, This looks like it should work but it doesn't. I've saved it here: C:\Users\[myusername]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\skins\base16_dark\sections\league stage properties.xml and amending the Tsof (Overall recent form) section, for the heading to align left, but it isn't working. To fully test it, I'm also renaming the text from Form to something else, and it remains as Form. Changes I make to the 'league stage panels view.xml' in the panels folder ARE working, and are in the same location, i.e. C:\Users\[myusername]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager
  2. Michael, I was wondering if, after over a year, you'd managed to find this yet?
  3. My personal favourites (that I've had) are Troy Storey on fm11 and my current defender Connor Connor.
  4. eple's response could have something in it. But it still seems a bit odd just considering Swansea's record. Just 2 wins in 37 games (and were either of then away?) and yet they beat you 17 tines in a row. I think it's wrong to restart game at any point (personally) but it's your game and I suppose if people didn't then we wouldn't find stuff like this out. And it does seem strange.... :-/
  5. You don't put it in the Football Manager 2014 folder in your documents. You need to put it in: C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2014/data/facegen/hair (I'm making the assumption you're on a Windows PC) It's all in the original post in really good detail, plus there's also a readme file with the download that explains it as well.
  6. Not available in FM14 it seems. (I did use it a lot, like when I need to exit the game and want to make sure an important news item is flagged as unread when I restart the game later, so as to remind me before hitting Continue Game.)
  7. This is great, thanks! My Friggin' Career is my first ever contribution to the FMCU - and I've learnt a lot from other threads as I've gone along. I'm almost looking forward to FM14 so I can start a new one and keep it much more neat & organised, and informative! I'm glad I found this place because reading other peoples FM stories is way more fun than it sounds...
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