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  1. Lots of teams and lots of parent clubs. This happened in all my save games at all the clubs I had parent clubs.
  2. Not on my Fm11 saves. If I make a loan offer as a feeder club for youth players from my parent club I always get them without wages.
  3. If that was a real life group I'd expect Scotland to lose to at least Slovakia and probably Cyprus away too. And Quite possibly Lithuania aswell.
  4. Excactely. Real life managers are usually a lot more professional than in game.
  5. No it didn't. "There was a goal for your team today that arguably should have stood. Was it wrongly ruled out?" Was the question.
  6. I was asked if a disallowed goal should have been given and answered yes since my player was not offside for the goal. Yet I am given a touchline ban because the question appearantly was about an other disallowed goal where my player was offside. How was I supposed to know what goal they were asking about?
  7. Does this also work as a qualifier for the Gold Cup?
  8. Does the Huddesfield eninian have a 2nd nationality? Or do Huddersfield have a work permit feeder club?
  9. Have you tried searching for Jong Tae-Se or just looked at the national squad. He might be left out because he is injured or something.
  10. The days completed are wrong with loads of players at the start of the game. They have far more days than they should have.
  11. Picking up a back pass is not a red card offense. It shall only result in an indirect freekick nothing more. It's a bug.
  12. No you shall always play until the whistle goes.
  13. The Four Associations Tournament were in FM10 aswell. Other iternational competitions that are more important like the Central American Cup are not in the game.
  14. If he is a coach in the game when the game starts he is so in real life aswell.
  15. Perhaps he has sold/released some of them later on?