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  1. In game editor isn't showing up. Made sure it wasn't prevented and show editor on menu bar was ticked.
  2. Anybody else noticed the high number of a.i generated staff with crazy attributes? Especially with technical, loan and HOYD.
  3. Man, Ronaldo took a while to heat up only scoring 4, 3 of which were pens into December. But just scored 11 in 3.
  4. Yes for major leagues, but outside of that it has some problems. Biggest one for me is players I just can't offload at Celtic, the constant poaching of my best players is sadly realistic though!
  5. Hi, highly rated Karamako Dembele has just signed this first Pro contract with us (Celtic) and turns 16 in Feb. I'm just wondering if players like him, that turn 16 after release are put into the game in the transfer update?
  6. Nice man, I think I might give your tactic a try once I get a few people in, thanks. Those regens are insane!
  7. Nice man, what's your tactics and squad looking like? Just in pre season on my juve save now.
  8. Man City are determined to steal Tierney from me, I have 30 mil in the bank but they keep accepting 40 million offers. I have the in game editor but can't find a way to stop the board accepting bids. Anyway I can stop this?
  9. I've found the drop-down to add (even though it's greyed out for some reason) but can't for the life of me find where I can remove a trait.
  10. Barca currently, Man Utd want Alba.He's happy and a key player, valued at 62 mil but I can't get them to go to over 100 mil, whereas if I try to sign bellierin I get quoted 120 mil etc. I understand it costing more for star players but when I get offers for my own happy star players the A.I constantly low balls me until they just give up. In the summer of this season Bayern wanted Suarez and I wanted Lewandowski, both valued similarly and happy at their clubs as key players, they wanted 140ish for him and wouldn't go higher than 105 for Suraez. Their stats are similar and they are only a
  11. Why does the AI always get better transfer fees than me? I can never get consistent 2 times value fees yet anytime I go to buy a key player I get quoted 2-2.5 times value.
  12. City and Barca always struggle in my saves. Man Utd also tend to steamroll the champions league too in every save heh. Another thing - Real always mess up with either/both Isco or (most often) Asensio.
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