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  1. In either Fm2006 or 2007, Gareth Southgate was still technically the player-manager of Middlesbrough. I was one of the big English clubs and played Middlesbrough early in the season, maybe in September or November. I was winning by a goal late in the game, but Southgate still had a substitution left. For his final substitution, he put HIMSELF into the game (as an added sidenote: why put in a centerback while chasing a game?). I almost fell out of my chair laughing, and one of my players immediately put in a heavy tackle, and Southgate had to leave the game with an injury around 20 seconds after coming on. I checked after the match, and he had broken his leg, never played again
  2. Parid Xhihani (Albanian) par-eed Shi-hahn-ee? Lounès Gaouaoui (Algerian) Loon-eh Gw-ow-ee?
  3. Really an awful tactic defensively. Rubbish from set pieces, opposition wingers get behind the fullbacks too easily. Too many yellow/red cards. Needs work. On the other hand, I think it's great offensively without any tweaks.
  4. 95-100% all the time. They are injured at various points throughout the matches, it's not always at the end when they're tired. Last match, my player was injured in the 6th minute. Goalie is 6'3 and has an above-average aerial ability for my level, so I wouldn't say it's due to the keeper.
  5. Fair enough: 1. As I said, the players are injured in matches, so it has nothing to do with the training schedules. 2. Normally, I would blame this on having tackling set too high, but, since this happens for the AI as well as me, I can attribute this to a game mechanic flaw I think. 3. Nothing special, same as in 11.2 patch when defending set pieces wasn't a problem. Tall players marking tall players, men on the posts etc. My centerbacks both have high jumping skills so they hardly lose headers. The only time it seems like they do is during set pieces! The problem is the deliver, I think. The AI always score with that far-post cross which loops over the goalkeeper's head. In real life, the goalkeeper would move and catch it in the air, but this isn't happening in FM. Blah blah the match engine is an approximation, I know, but it seems ridiculous that a cross which nearly hits the far post in the air shouldn't be claimed by the goalkeeper.
  6. This is more a cathartic exercise rather than any attempt to incite change because, since there won't be another patch, I know nothing productive can come from posting this. Anyway, I'm finding the patch quite unplayable for these reasons. 1. One of my players is injured approximately 2 out of every 3 matches. I have to constantly reload games and holiday them until a result where none of my players are injured. Otherwise, I can't field enough players for the next match. Of course, what ends up happening is that I need to holiday practically every match, which is no fun because I enjoy watching them! The AI also suffers an unrealistically vast amount of injuries but not to the extent I do. 2. Ridiculous amount of yellow cards per match. Both for me and for the AI. Also slightly too many red cards. I believe I currently have 4 players suspended, which is why it's so damaging when my players are injured as well. 3. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to defend set pieces. My defense is good in open play, but the AI scores maybe half of their goals against me via set pieces. It's always the same thing too: Corner/free kick to the far post, right through the animation of the goalkeeper, and some centerback, who's practically standing in the goal, heads it in. Generally this is the only time where my defenders lose headers. The patch is fantastic apart from these 3 issues, but I don't understand how they passed through unnoticed! Can anyone give me advice on how to ameliorate any of the problems I brought up? Especially any suggestions on helping my players survive matches! Thank you
  7. Players tend to clear corner kicks back out for another corner. The AI must have had 8 corners in a row one game. They kept kicking them to the same person, and my centerback would head it back out for another corner. Of course, I had to watch all this because every single one was considered a key highlight for some reason. If you can win 8 headers in a row, I'm sure you're good enough in the air to head the ball out for a freaking throw, jesus!
  8. I was thinking of something along the lines of this, whereby players' expected PA is calculated in the form of percentages. For instance, they can still have a set PA, but they also have a percentage chance to achieve a PA different from the expected PA. It will work like a bell curve so something like: Expected PA-150 PA 150- 25% chance PA 151- 15% chance PA 149- 15%chance PA 152- 14.5% PA 148- 14.5% and all the way to: PA 180- .5% chance PA 120-. .5% chance So it would end up working like the NBA draft lottery where the expected value has the highest chance to be selected, but other values which are close to the expected values also have a decent chance. Likewise, there is the possibility for a statistical anomaly, something impossible in FM. In FM, it is impossible for a non-regen player to come out of nowhere to be a superstar, whereas in real life there have been players who have moved up several divisions to eventually play in the highest league (Sam Ricketts and Jermaine Beckford come to mind). In FM, you'll never have a 6th division player eventually play in the premier league because the range of PAs for these players is too low. With a dynamic PA, there is a slight possibility, mirroring the real life possibility. Likewise, there is also the chance that a predicted superstar will turn out to be not that great. This is mirrored better in FM because of the presence of CA, and even if a player has a 200 PA, he can still not improve. However, it is foolish to think that we can predict the limits, or lack there of, for any player because soccer is a crazy old game sometimes! Fixed PA is unrealistic and sort of arrogant; who are we to assign fixed numerical values to a real human being. Obviously, FM needs to have realistic research, but let there be a chance for an unexpected superstar/unexpected burnout!
  9. You got the Kung-Fu Panda! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pablo_Sandoval
  10. I retrain all of my bad youth players to bizarre positions. So I end up having players with positions like DC/AML, ST/DL, AMR/SW. It's always interesting to see what position they play when they join a new club. And if a player gets ****y and wants to leave, I punish him to leave by putting him on a ridiculous training schedule with max intensity in aerobics or something. Don't stop now Robinho, you still have 1000 suicides left!
  11. I was looking around at some of the premier league squads, and didn't recognize this guy's name. Turns out Liverpool bought him from Seongnam in South Korea for 1.7 million USD. For that price, I think he would be a fantastic acquisition for midtable sides, even though he's really one-footed and his physical stats are mediocre. Wages aren't bad, and he evidently receives a work permit for English sides. Discovery of the Colombo-Korean Riquelme?
  12. Worst reaction to a defeat/getting robbed

    i throw my hands up in the air sometimes, singing "oh no...why does my team blow?" I just want to celebrate and live my life...
  13. I think this is a pretty pathetic showing from SI. This is outwardly discriminatory towards all of the Turks who buy legitimate copies of the game. To not include the Turkish language because there are a lot of Turkish pirating of this game is collective punishment, whereby an entire population is adversely affected, while only a minority are the guilty party. As many followers of current affairs and history will duly note, collective punishment is highly frowned upon in the international community. In my opinion, it is better to have 99% of FM copies in Turkey be pirated, then it is to deny 1 Turkish gamer the full enjoyment of the game he/she has purchased in legitimate fashion. Furthermore, the subsequent failure of FM to establish itself in Turkey among Turkish-language gamers will cost them possibly more money than if they released a Turkish-language FM riddled with the possibilities of piracy. You are losing a market, you are losing a moral compass, and you are shirking your responsibility as a responsible business. Shame on you, SI.
  14. To use a lazily-constructed syllogism spawned from another forum user, whose name you HAD to reference (for some reason), in order to prove some asinine point on a forum about a soccer computer game struck me as bad form. As did your subsequent pretentious and condescending reply. I just don't understand why people have to be jerks, especially when it's so easy using the anonymity of a computer. Solomon also said this: “Your own soul is nourished when you are kind; it is destroyed when you are cruel.”