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  1. im not confused but half of my team has become bald
  2. guyyyyyyys.... sometimes a normal haired player shave hes head and become bold for some reason.. but never a bald player grows his hair
  3. when some team offer to my coach I renew their contract.. seems to do the trick
  4. you're building a dynasty not a chop shop
  5. sometimes my players "regens ofcourse" shave their head to zero.. it happens randomly .. but never in the other way around ! any ideas ?
  6. signed him after two years as a backup.. turn to be a key player and a scoring machine .. i wonder why ac milan dont play him and always loans him
  7. Football Manager 2013

    I agree... and mostly with retiring jerseys for a player if he plays a long and an exceptional time in a club... also if I might add I would like to see a preferred kit numbers for new "regen" players