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  1. I decided to give this tactic a go with Bromley in the Championship. I was using the tactic modern warefare before and got tired of the football on display even tho it got me consecutive promotions all the way from BSN to the Championship. As i only had 2 defensive midfielders and have been using a straight 4-4-2 i decided to set up three different formations with the Arrigo tactic, the 4-4-2 from the start with two central defensive midfielders a 4-1-3-2 with a DM set to defend and an midfield advanced play-maker and a straight 4-4-2 with a ball winning midfielder set to defend and an advanced playmaker. I have used all 3 of these and have won all my games except 1 draw since making the switch and still very much on course to win the championship. Been mostly using the straight 4-4-2 as i am low on defensive midfielders. Very very happy with this tactic so far!!!
  2. I got Game version 13.3.3 359652 I posted in bugs forum but was ignored so bumping, this bug was a deal breaker for me in FM2013 ruined emersion so stopped playing, so hoping this will be eradicated for FM14.
  3. Been coach of Bromley now for 4.5 years and won the BSS, BSP, NPower 2 and NPower 1 now sitting 2nd in the Championship 20 games in. I have just noticed that Ivory Coast are in need of a manager. Hypothetically if i apply for this job and get it will i get to keep my job as Bromley manager and get to manage both or will i have to leave Bromley (which i dont want to do), plus will this **** off my own board or will they see it as i want to manage both? I know that i probably wouldn't get the job at this level but i would still like to know for when I am in the Premier League as i would like to manage England and Bromley at some point? Thanks guys? James
  4. OK got these for fixtures for Bromley: Monday 26 Dec 2016 Bournemouth (away) Tuesday 27 Dec 2016 Bradford (home) Saturday 31 Dec 2016 Birmingham (home) Shouldn't the game of set the Bradford game to Wednesday? How is this even possible? anyone else had this problem? This would never happen in real life!
  5. Hey there folks, was wondering what kind of tactic i should employ for Bromley from the start, so far i have started about 7 games with Bromley including one save which i got to 2023 and even then the closest i got to the football league was a BSP playoff final, so this is going to be my very last attempt at this game before i give up and wait for FM14. The game seems to be very temperamental at this level with results seemingly very random and it can be so frustrating, in older versions it wasn't as random as this. Any tips, tactics and training would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time. JimiJames
  6. Has anyone tried this at blue square level, im really looking for a tactic to get bromley promoted!!
  7. defo the most unfun game i have played in a while, why oh why can i dominate possession 65-35 have 3 times as many shots on target and always get beat. i know im playing in blue square but for ****s sake
  8. By basic do you mean setting pretty much everything to default, what tweaks are you making?? im still having no luck Thanks guys!!
  9. Basically anyone got any info on this, as have done ten years with Bromley and only managed 1 promotion and now i intend on starting again... but hopefully with an excellent tactic to fire me up the divisions. Thanks Lads, JimiJames
  10. Thanks mate, so is there a way to get the player to drop his wage demands at all? its a free transfer player that i'm trying to sign!
  11. Right im in the BSP and i have £1800 wage budget free yet i can only offer £650 a week when i need about £1100 for a key player? how can i change this surely this cant be right?
  12. Ok so im in the BSP and my scouts seem better than average for this league but they never find me any good players, im at my wits end. What can i do to help them help me, thanks in advance.
  13. Basically how do i know if a player is injury prone? I believe in FM12 that it was usueally in the weaknesses part of there report but i cant seem to find that anywhere. The reason i ask is because i got a very good player who is just constantly injured and only managed 9 games in a whole season, and most of those games he never made it to the final whistle occasionally not even half time, sometimes he gets injured again when it seems he is just coming back from injury, soooooooo frustrating:mad:. Cheers guys!
  14. Haha just seen this just now , Shebby Sing does what he wants lol, gotta feel sorry for the fans tho hehe.
  15. Thanks, was my own bad then, i dunno how that has happened!!!
  16. Everytime i start with a 4231 formation and then go into tactics during the match to find that my striker and my right side defensive midfielder have swapped positions, i then swap them back, an 5 mins later check tactics again and they have swapped back. Playing with a DM up front most matches and there is nothing i can do about it. please tell me this is a known issue , this is beyond a joke!!
  17. There was no point in bringing out FM13 when FM12 wasn't even finished yet!!! p.s. FM12 was better!!!
  18. TAX bug cripples the game, this is absolutely nothing mate
  19. I would defo not risk it mate. I am 2 an a half seasons in and im pretty sure im just going to have to start again when the new update comes out, fingers crossed they will make it save game compatible, but im 95% sure it wont be. James.
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