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  1. The individual instructions disappear when the player leaves the team. While this works pretty nicely for clubs, it is a very annoying feature for national teams as there are constantly changes due to injuries or form, and then you have to assign individual instructions all over again when you recall a player. Edit: Note that it doesn't happen systematically though. Some players individual instructions remain, though only a minority of them.
  2. I accepted an exchange Chambers - Zouma, the fans have been angry ever since as the game considers I let Chambers go for free...
  3. Really like the beta this year, thumbs up to the team! I missed out on last year's FM so bear with me if some comments should rather apply to FM15 features. Plus: - The new interface is rather exhaustive and a lot of very meaningful informations are available. - I have been positively surprised to find that most players are now available for sale as long as they're interested in signing for your club. It fits more the reality of the transfer market. The prices asked by the clubs are still usually a bit too high, but it is a significant improvement over the previous FMs. - The match engine is smooth and I have not had the impression to have faced any bug. - The results are in general credible. - The game runs faster than the previous FMs. - The generated 2D faces of the manager look good. - The players' moves and strategy on the field looks more real than it used to. - The scouting revamp is awesome, although the filters aren't exhaustive enough. I can't filter out on the criteria that the scouted player would not fit in well with the team spirit or that he'd likely not get a work permit. Minus: - It takes a while to know where to find stuff in the new interface, and sometimes a bit too many clicks to get there. - I understand the purpose of having separate individual instructions by tactic, yet it gets very tedious to add individual instructions to every player in every tactic, while most of the time it would be the same for any tactic. Maybe implementing a default copy of the existing individual instructions would be a wise move. - The new set-pieces creator is rather intimidating. - When you get close to the price the other party is ready to accept in a transfer negotiation, they might make a non-negotiable counter-offer with some previously unseen terms that you find unacceptable (ex: installments after X games, raising the price by £10M). It is quite frustrating. - It has been my impression so far that too many shots are blocked. To be confirmed. - I don't know if that is the case in real life, but clubs are not willing to take my youngsters on loan for more than a month at first, while I would want to offload them for the whole season. - Playing on the French version, I've spotted a recurring untranslated piece of message: when your physio updates you on the results of fitness tests before a game, it says: "You are advised to also consider the match sharpness of the players who have passed their fitness tests when selecting the line-up." in English. - Took me a while to understand by myself the dark stars rating a player. I thought it was a bug at first But of course that's a great feature that I had been in favor of for a long time. - The 3D manager looks ugly and not much like the 2D face. - Maybe I've been unlucky or pushed my players too hard, but I have had to face a ton of injuries in my squad. - The players fitness struggles to reach 100% and remain at that level. Probably linked to that is that players physical condition is not as high as in the previous FMs. Matches are very tiring and even if you rotate your squad, it will be common for your players to start a game between 90% and 95% of physical condition and finish it with around 55%. - Most of my rotation players have complained to me that they don't play enough to their liking, despite me having 20 in Level of Discipline. - The borderless windowed mode does not work for more than one session in my experience, it then goes to just windowed. I've not yet tested the online features, lacking FM buddies, but they seem really cool too. I'm also waiting for the Editor to be available, I guess not before the release day.
  4. - I would like a distinction between "President" and "Owner" of the club. It's very often not the same person IRL, and it's annoying to read that the President wants to sell the club, maybe even to the real owner actually! And look at the Cardiff owner... There is real potential for a good addition there! The presidents may also change depending on the owner's mood. - More uncertainty on the players' PA, so that you don't start every game knowing who to buy. Something like ±7% PA at the beginning of each game, and a wider use of negative PA for young players (U21?). And maybe the PA could evolve depending on the performances of the players or the club's: if the player has been on fire all season, he could get a small bonus to his PA. By being good, you show you can have a good level. - I really don't care if real life top-flight managers don't get to do it (although some of them might actually still have something to say about it), I think more depth in the economical/financial dimensions would be a huge plus to the simulation. Have control of the sponsors negotations, of the stadium tickets pricing, etc. It was possible in the early years of FM and it was really cool! Besides, with the FFP rules, FM would be less frustrating if the player had more control of the finances. - Put an end to the corrupt data bug that can happen to both save games and editor data bases if your game or computer crashes. Even though I rotate my save games concerning the former, it doesn't help much, as I tend to save before every match: the computer doesn't save automatically unless 7 days have gone by since the last save, so in the end, my latest save is often way ahead of the others, except in winter/summer break times. - Give more flexibility to players' role and positioning : of course a DR can somehow play DL/DC, a DC maybe DM/DL/DR! A winger should know how to play on either wings. You don't have to make them natural, but they can't be untrained at all! - Maybe introduce a level of difficulty in FM? More challenging for the experienced players, a piece of cake for beginners? - Finally get the license for Germany (especially Germany!) and Japan national teams, and the J-League. - "Create your own club" mode, starting in the lowest league available in the selected nation. - Give a raise to Miles for being such an awesome director
  5. I have the same problem as a few others have mentioned: my data changes don't show up. All of the changes (except the simple fact of adding a blank player) I do in the editor appear as 'failures' in the file/details section, and they are therefore not implemented in the game either. It is disappointing that SI did not find such a big bug before the release. Now all we have to do is wait for an update.
  6. I've been through the entire thread and most of the clever suggestions have been taken into account and implemented in FM13 SI! I'll add however some features I believe would benefit to future versions of the game we all love, and support a few already mentioned that I believe are not present in FM13. - Randomly slightly change all PA at every new game (especially of youngsters), so that you cannot count anymore on an anonymous youngster turning into a world-class player because of your previous game. The general level would still be similar, but with enough variation to have a different experience every time. - Some random events occuring during the game that could spice it up, making it more realistic: a new national tax policy after elections (higher or lower), a league format change (from 20 to 18 clubs for example, or other variations), hooliganism & other fans actions (that would result in a fine for the club, points deducted in the league, empty stadium for the next game, etc), players out-of-field events (caught up in an accident, broke the law, bet against his own club, etc), and many other events are possible. - One of the problems I have noticed in FM12 (maybe corrected in FM13) is that there are too few wonderkids, especially at the beginning of the game. Once the current stars retire, the global level drops as too few players are able to fill their shoes. - As a few have already said, the quality of the regens you get is too poor and too random: you can have the best facilities in the world and still have hopeless youngsters. 90% of them would have no future whatsoever, 5% as possible back-ups to the first team and only 5% could break into the first team. That's way too low, especially when you see Barcelona, Ajax and other big clubs with a high quality to their youngsters and the culture of bringing a lot of them into the first team. I'd like to add to this last point that you could hint to a player that his agent is preventing you from (re)signing him, thus pressuring the player to either pressure himself his agent to lower his demands or to even fire him, provided he of course is interested in (re)signing at your club. - Increased managerial control: over the stadium and the sales (or hire a stadium/marketing manager to do it for you instead). In FM98 you had the upper hand on such matters and if would add depth to the non-football management part of the game. Included here, we could negotiate our sponsor contracts ourselves. - More precision over the level/details of facilities you ask for in board meetings: it is very frustrating to have excellent finances but imperfect facilities (18 or 19) while your board does not even let the subject of improving the facilities to the best standard be discussed. And also, allow us to ask for a drastic improvement of the facilities so that we would not have to wait months before re-asking the board the same thing. - Fans association(s), with a similar treatment as with the board: they'd have expectations, would ask from you to play someone or to dump another they don't like, etc... They could ask for Fans days, free tickets, a cut in the tickets price, etc. - An option to ask for a game to be postponed if too many of your players are unavailable (international call-ups or epidemy). It is frustrating to lose a game in such cases while in real life most of the time such requests are accepted. - New game modes if possible: create your own club (I really insist as that would totally be in the managerial spirit to start something from scratch) and/or be a manager/player (I do not really care about that actually, but other players maybe)
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