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  1. The Governator

    Ok so, Best young/bargain AMs

    Ezequiel Barco is often cheap, in the 6-10 million range. I once sold him for 80 million two seasons later. Good playmaker in a central role
  2. The Governator

    Favourite players so far in FM18

    I second this, Arthur is excellent I've also really enjoyed using Milinkovic-Savic and Alex Sandro
  3. The Governator

    Your top 5 FM17 players

    1. Cristian Pavon 2. Mauricio Lemos 3. Lewis Cook 4. Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg 5. Thiago Maia The first three are from a Bournemouth save that I did soon after FM17 came out, the final two are from an ongoing Southampton save
  4. The Governator

    FM17: Arsenal

    I would advise against selling Gibbs - in my save, he has forced his way into being first choice by December of my first season! He's well-rounded and homegrown, I will probably still be bringing in a new LB that's better than he is, but it will be Monreal who is leaving
  5. The Governator

    Opinions on Julian Weigl

    I'm not going to disclose what is PA is, but when I looked at it in the editor, I thought it was too low. His current attributes are close to spot on, but I don't see why he can't notably improve over the next few seasons.
  6. The Governator

    FM17: Arsenal

    Thanks for the input guys. I didn't mean to imply that I was selling everyone right away, I'm not going to make too many sales. Cech, for instance, needs to stay so that he can tutor and phase in a successor. Just noticed that Welbeck and Walcott are on pretty high wages relative to their ability. They might be some of the first to go tbh.
  7. The Governator

    FM17: Arsenal

    I'm finding my selection dilemma in midfield pretty interesting. In Cazorla, Ramsey, Xhaka, Coquelin, and Elneny I have 5 players of somewhat similar quality all competing for 2 starting spots. The two best possible pairings, I think, are Coquelin-Cazorla and Xhaka-Ramsey, but I truly can't decide which is better. Cazorla is the best player of the 5, but requires Coq alongside him I feel to be defensively sound as a unit. I wish I could play some of them further ahead, but that's difficult when I have the best #10 in the world keeping Cazorla out of the CAM role and lots of talented wingers like Ox, Walcott, and Iwobi keeping Ramsey out of the RW role. The squad is slightly too big for my taste, I think.
  8. The Governator

    FM17: Arsenal

    I just started a save with Arsenal, I'm about a month and a half into my first season. I like the look of the squad, but I've already been scouting some possible long-term replacements for the older/overpaid players. My favorite traits of Wenger's are the faith he has in his own players and his preference for squad evolution over squad revolution, and I want to continue this philosophy at Arsenal. I've been creating a list of players who I might be looking to move on in the future so I can be well prepared to replace them. My shortlist of players to move on is Cech, Monreal, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Cazorla, (maybe Walcott/Welbeck? Both yet to return from injury), and Giroud My shortlist for players to bring in right now is Predrag Rajkovic, Alex Grimaldo, Will Hughes, and Saido Berahino. Have any of you had good experiences using any of these players I'm looking to buy/move on?
  9. The Governator

    FM17: Should I buy/sell Thread

    Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Jonny Evans Your Team: West Brom Buyer/Seller: Liverpool Player's Value: 15.5m Offer: 25m, rising to 28m Transfer/Wage Budget: Small Season: 1st, January I have Aderllan Santos coming in to partner him. If I sell Evans, though, I highly doubt I can get in another CB that is as good as he is. A pretty huge amount of money for Jonny f***ing Evans though. Do I take the offer because it's more than he's worth, or do I keep him to maximize the quality of my starting XI?
  10. The Governator

    An Issue With Bids Received for Players

    That makes sense, what's bothering me is that in EVERY single instance the bids have been for PRECISELY HALF of the listed value. There have been ~20 instances so far.
  11. I have been having trouble selling players in my West Ham side after finishing my first season. Even though there is interest in a lot of my players, when I offer them out, the only bids I ever receive are for half of the listed price. For instance Valencia: Offered out for 18 million, received a bid of 9 million that I couldn't negotiate much.Then offered out for 15 million, received a bid of 7.5 million that I couldn't negotiate much, even to the level that I could negotiate the first bid to. Antonio: Offered out for 12, bid of 6. Offered out for 10, bid of 5. Same deal where they are barely negotiable. The same is taking place for 3 other players. Is this some type of bug that's known with a way to fix it? Otherwise I'm afraid I won't really be able to play my save because this is really bothering me. I don't think it's realistic that half of my players are wanted by other clubs but nobody will even consider the reasonably fair asking prices I have. And beyond that I think it's an issue because ALL bids are for half of the asking price no matter what. Could somebody help?
  12. The Governator

    FM16: Manchester United Back in Europe

    He's very versatile, and after being upgraded in the winter update (I think) he's a decent player for that price. A friend signed him for Lyon and apparently he was quite good there.
  13. The Governator

    FM16: Should I Buy/Sell Thread

    Nah, I'd say don't buy Coutinho. You have the Ox who likely develops into a very good player, and you'd be better off investing in areas that Arsenal need to strengthen more.
  14. I believe that players that get injured after a season begins aren't "injured" at the start of the game. It's only those that had injuries that were in effect during the English start date. Could be wrong though.
  15. The Governator

    How do I unlock different goals?

    Mata scored two overhead kicks in the same match for me. No variety at all, why can't players keep their feet on the ground, this game is broken.