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  1. Next question, What exactly do Youth Facilities, Recruitment and Coaching affect? Found this online, not sure if it's true: Youth Facilities – The better they are, the better the rate of youth CA distribution. Junior Coaching – Affects the CA level of your Youth Intake players. The better this is, the more likely to get players with high CA. Youth Recruitment – The better this is, increases the pool of players that can be recruited, increasing chance of high PA players.
  2. Anyone know? Is there a table somewhere that says which training category each attribute falls in or something?
  3. This is what I meant. As well as the graphic. I can see what you mean but it isn't as obvious as it could be. I don't have the RM or LM's to start like the one on the right I'm afraid. And I can still only imagine it being difficult to translate it to that shape in attack.
  4. ...And not too hard to implement I presume. I think the people over at SI are more likely to see this suggestion if it were on the "proper" wish list thread.
  5. Train the required attributes for that role in 3 month cycles using the notes to set reminders.
  6. It should have been done, definitely. I was just saying that it's more likely to be seen by a moderator in that thread.
  7. I don't think it's right that when I choose my second nationality as Indian, which it is, I am told that I speak Hindi, which I don't. I do however speak very basic (GCSE-Level) Spanish. Can I not choose the languages separately to my nationality?
  8. I think everyone finds it annoying when the guy with the best header is stepping up to put in a cross for an indirect freekick. Small concerns like this can be discussed in the wish list thread here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/306914-What-s-that-A-new-Wishlist-Thread-What-you-would-like-to-see-in-future-FM-versions.
  9. I haven't spoken with SI about this but I highly doubt they could sort this by the time FM14 is released but maybe as it's 'easier' they could get it done, I just don't know how their schedule works. Glad to hear you agree with most of the points, it's good to hear people are agreeing. By the way I posted it here after reading this at the top:
  10. I think this means once you're are already in a save and you are applying for a new job. So in the beginning you can still just choose your team and it's always accepted.
  11. I think, for your first point, they do have the comparison in the bottom right corner with players of the same position; But, I agree that the new method is an example of scout reports seeming not personal enough. The free place idea is good one. It works well in conjunction with the idea of defending and attacking phase positioning. It is quite annoying to have to change people around each time you change tactic. They should make it automatically move players around so the majority play in natural positions or accomplished when you change. I agree that more instructions could be made individual as well. Individual width would work very well I think. I saw PushThemWide (I think) mention individual tempo as well.
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