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  1. Any chance of testing this tactic out with some lower league teams
  2. [Release] Euro League V2

    Does this work on 10.3?
  3. Can i be a tester then, im willing to take the chance of being killed by some numpty asking for the demo release!
  4. I use the new 2D, as my laptop wont run 3D that well
  5. Fmrte

    I have extracted the .EXE file and the languages folder to my desktop, but when i double click the .EXE file i get a box saying FMRTE has stopped working and would i like to check online for a solution or close the program. Any help???
  6. Humble question

    If your willing to go to a net cafe to download the patch, why not activate the game there too
  7. Well as well as downloading the EA manger 09 demo im also playing with the free top trumps cards i got when i purchased FM09 from Game.
  8. Im now getting my trial period has expired and i need to sigames.com to get a new key WTF????
  9. Currently downloading the EA manager 09 demo, while i wait for this nightmare to be over and they finish updating the uniloc servers
  10. Proud Owner of FM2009

    You maybe the proud own but you wont be playing it for awhile, thanks to the good people at SoftAnchor
  11. And im also waiting to see if the patch fixes the bugs of the demo
  12. But with the activation nonsense we couldnt play it til today, other wise i would have pre-ordered.
  13. Claim its man flu and have today off....you know you want too
  14. I just happen to have a chest infection on the day of release so cant go to work....Bummer lol So after my visit to the lovely female doctor, my first thought will be heading into woolworths to get my copy