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    Boztorgai Khan, as Boztorgay Han ( Full-Name: Adem Attila Mete Boztorgai Khan Khagan - Last-Name: Börjigin Köchü ) TWC FORUM NAME: ( Boztorgai_Khan ) is a Researcher. His origin: Fathers Father is Mongol origin, Fathers Mother is Crimean-Tatar origin, Mothers Mother is Kypchak-Tatar origin, Mothers Father is Karluk-Uyghur Turkic origin. He is descendant of Genghis Khan.


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    History, Football, Music...

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  1. NEWS: We want to finish all these countries for FM 15. Thank you all. http://www.cumankipchaksgroup.com/index.php/fmuap/
  2. Hi, I Have Problem in FM 14 Editor with "Tactical Attributes" If I change Some in Tactical Attributes They Give it: Failed Change. What Can I To Do For That ??? Regards, Tatar
  3. How Can I Add a New Nationality ??? I Replaced Crimean-Tatars for G.O.S, If I Started with Manager Informations I Want Give Me Nationality Crimean-Tatars Look Picture: Regards, Tatar
  4. (1) LNC files delete <<Important>> C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2014\data\db\1400\lnc\all ・fake.lnc ・greek name change.lnc ・korean name change.lnc ・lic_dan_swe_fra.lnc ・nleague.lnc ・turkish name change.lnc ・italian awards.lnc Turkish names what's wrong with it ???
  5. Why Can I Not Controlled the National Team ? No one Here Can Tell Me What About Here ??
  6. I Have More Than 150 Players is That Not Enough ??? in Older Versions of FM Was That Enough. I Think That Problem is Something else, But What
  7. I Have Created a Country and I just Wanted to Test it But I Can Choose Only Clubs From Created Country But Not Country Team is Not in The Countries List What Did I Do Wrong ??? Regards, Tatar
  8. The Links are: File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server Can you upload the files again ??? Regards, Tatar
  9. Some News again.. I Added a New Country (Turks of Western Thrace) & Special Thanks To Cuman Kipchaks Group They Added Us On Page: http://cumankipchaksgroup.com/index.php/fmuap/ (The Page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION) And Special Thanks To Psycho1970 with his Help To Me With This Project. Regards, Tatar
  10. The MOD is in Process, I Want Finish it for FM 13 & FM 14 Created a Signature for this MOD ( is Amateur work but I Hope You Like it ) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/208/8lxz.png/ You Can Find in This Mod: New Nations (New League's, New Clubs and New Players) :: Crimean Tatars (Little Tataria) Tatarstan (Great Tataria) Kipchak-Nogai Tatars (Tatars of Caucasus) Siberian Tatars (Asian Tatars) Turkestan ( Turkestan & South Turkestan) East-Turkestan (Uighurstan) Gagauzia Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Iraqi-Syrian Turkmens *-&-* Mongolia Kyrgyzstan Kazakhs
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