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  1. So I've got a few views, don't see them being implemented now into FM12 but as I know SI staff see this, want to make my points heard. First a common disclaimer now, I haven't trawled through the first 70+ pages, so some of these ideas may be repeats. 1. Manager Interaction. - This is not really a huge deal but for me, this is extremely dull and doesn't play a part in the game. Every week it seems a manager has something to say about me, my style of play or that my team (Man Utd) isn't going to win the league. This is ok at first because you think, well alright this manager is playing mind-games but every week is tedious. - I also found that after about two seasons of winning the league, every manager who I have never spoke to, dislikes me, now I understand the teams competing with me not liking me, but Blackburn, Wolves? I would say that they should get on my good side because I would happily loan them players or sell, but once I see that, my stubbornness kicks in. 2. Backroom Staff Meetings - They happen every two weeks and so rarely offer any helpful insight. You see things like: : We concede most of our goals between the 45th and 60th minutes. : We rarely lose our concentration against lower reputation sides. That could be helpful advice if it were to be followed by some follow up information, maybe they say; tell Player X to be on his guard more during the periods we concede more, or change team instructions to Slider Y to make sure that our concentration levels remain high. 3. Board Disappointed with back-up players being released/sold. - Another small one, my board keep telling me they are disappointed with the loss of players that are reserves or fringe players that aren't good enough for my side. Such players as Ryan Tunnicliffe, Andreas King and Ritchie De Laet, this makes no sense. None had played a first team game or even been near the bench and yet I released them or sold them and for 3 months after for each, my board summary was telling me of their disappointment. You can't honestly tell me that the United board were disappointed this summer IRL when Ritchie De Laet was sold, this is a simple solution really. 4. The Five star rating system - Ok, so after all those smaller ideas, here's the big one. Currently when you start the game Lionel Messi is a four and a half star quality player according to FM, his CA and PA are approximately 194 and 196 respectively (FM Genie Scout provided) There isn't a better player in the world right now than Messi and with those stats there is unlikely to be too many regens better, so why isn't he a five star player? Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney and you can make a case for anybody over 185 CA or so should be the elite players with the highest star rating. - Currently I try to only buy players who are three and a half stars and above in either CA or PA depending on age of course. But really I should be looking at four stars and above to best improve my Man Utd team. There is little point having that fifth star if it is impossible to achieve. - There is also a case that five stars isn't enough. I just got in a new bunch of regens and viewing there PA in game, most were half to one and a half stars. The players at one and a half stars are regarded as "decent prospects" But I just can't agree with that, unless more depth is put into these reports saying decent prospect for League One or something of that ilk for all players not just some. - I mentioned above I had half star players, some weren't very detailed scout reports but two did catch my eye, one player had half a star and said he could be a Blue Square Premier player, seemed logical to me, then the other one was rated the same but said he could be a League One player, I feel this is poor and so potentially a deeper use of the silver rating system that you occasionally see in youth players seems to be the easiest way to implement a feature already in the game.