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  1. 9.2 Patch Fixtures error

    this happened for me in the old patch. i deleted some england friendlies and croatia's using the editor and it sorted it. havent used the new patch yet, but would be disapointed if it still happens, without fixing it myself.
  2. competition Name Changing

    Yes, you do this via the editor that comes with the game.
  3. What is the UEFA cups new name for next season? I heard it was being changed....what too?
  4. An idea for 2010.

    Yeah not a bad idea. I am not sure i would use it as much though as i feel i am pretty good with tactics and subs. I would like to see a discipline Ass. Man button too. A player of mine was unhappy at my words to him after a game and i sent my ass. man to the press conference. One of the journalists asked my ass man if he felt the player had been treated unfairly, and he said i have to totally agree with that or some tripe. I was not happy. Please make it so we can discipline them.
  5. This title race is on fire!!

    I see Liverpool went crap when they hit the final hurdle. Gutted! I hope they don't do that this year. Who wins???
  6. Editing a players height makes a BIG difference.

    So what some of you is saying is, if a player who is 6'9 and has a jumping and heading stat of 17 will get beat in the air by a player who is 5'0 and has heading and jumping of 19 or 20? Rubbish!!!!
  7. EU Cup registration players limit

    Any player aged 21 or under on or before 31/08/2008 does not need to be registered. It's handy as you can leave them out then select players who are trained in your club and england.
  8. Disgraceful

    Hey, this guy has paid good money to play this game and it doesnt work, i think he has a right to be a little upset. Just because your game works doesnt mean you can give him grief. Lay off him. If i had bought it, and had it that long and was unable to play it, i would be fuming too. Give the guy a break.
  9. Sorry but i don't understand your point. There have been a lot of strikers who were rubbish at a club, who then moved on and became prolific. It happens the other way also. You are just angry it has happened to you. Get over it and move on. It is all part of being a Football Manager!
  10. concerned girlfriend

  11. Transfer Rumors are Whacked

    It is a far better feature than being asked all the time if you want to sign a player who is on your shortlist. I hated that part of FM 08. Plus, the papers are always linking clubs to players. I think this feature is good as i have signed a player i hadn't seen who the transfer rumour said i wanted. I didn't, but i did after they said that.
  12. concerned girlfriend

    SI please close this thread and delete it. It is rubbish!
  13. Help! No Kits?

    You can do a search and get your own kits, badges, flags etc. How to do it and install them will be there too. I take it you have never bought FM before?
  14. concerned girlfriend

    Oh and if he is playing fm, how did you come on here? Laptop each? You are such a liar!!!!!!!!