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  1. Could have made it cineworld instead of Vue we dumped them years ago down here lol
  2. I'm guessing he has a weak wrist
  3. Well this has cheered up a crap Monday morning at work
  4. Cesar was never this good for QPR
  5. I do love a penalty shootout so no goals now please
  6. Scolari having his usual mid game meltdown
  7. Well that was an ummm interesting video
  8. Wenger blaming too many games as mentally affecting him has to be up there as the worst excuse for dropping a player ever
  9. Nah carry on like this and you wont even get that
  10. cant see you signing Dempsey tbh didnt he say he wanted Cl Footy or else he was staying at Fulham?
  11. So you would like to let him rot and leave for free rather than sell him for say £30m which you could invest in the team :confused: