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  1. I spoke too soon. Had the same issue come up again today.
  2. Not sure that's accurate. I'm running Nvidia driver v441.28 which was released on 18 Nov of this year. That being said, I have not seemed to have this issue since the v20.2.1 update. I'll keep an eye on it, but it would be good to know what hasn't been updated since 2018 so I can look into it.
  3. I uploaded a save on Sunday for another issue I am experiencing. It is the same game that I am getting these crashes on - the save uploaded to the cloud is - "ck7 - FC RB Salzburg.fm" I will upload the dxdiag later when I'm back on my pc.
  4. Every single time I quit and exit, I get this crash message. Quit to Start Screen is fine. I am running the latest release.
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