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  1. Is somebody playing fm on laptop with i3 3110M processor, and how many leagues it runs? On my desktop I have around 50k players, so should this cpu be enough?
  2. West Ham physio trying to pull something like this [video=youtube;afhWQumYO24]
  3. If you have enough friendlies you dont need that, I always set it to team cohesion so new players blend better in the squad
  4. Nice post, proves what I have been saying that tactics is not everything in this game, and also using one tactic is not a wise decision.
  5. I'm playing with Liverpool and Im using three tactics: -First one on Control -Second on Attack -And third on Counter So when I play stronger teams I use the Counter or Control. My question is what do you do when you are playing against stronger team and concede first, should I start attacking immediately or play on the counter?
  6. I had alot injuries when the season started because I forgot to change the training from very high to average
  7. Maybe I should change my fullbacks on support if they are on attack, but most of the times Im too lazy to do it But Im changing the shouts more frequently
  8. Sometimes I play 4-2-3-1 and if I feel like the OP is pushing towards my goal, I might sub the AM for DM so he will provide cover for the defence, also drop deeper if you are playing high d-line
  9. Are you using the same tactic always? You must change tactics, because you cant use the same defense when attacking and when defending the lead.
  10. 5th season with Liverpool, but I think will start new save with them, since I haven't won nothing in this one
  11. I've also got the "lightbulb" moment, after reading through these threads and reading real tactic analysis, I was able to beat Valencia away 7-2 in the Champions League, I have played many seasons but never scored 7 in a official match
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