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  1. I am testing it with Bournemouth, halfway the season now (7h), I will post screenshots when I'm finished with the season!
  2. Knap, how do you create so many tactics that work (atleast that's what I assume) and test them properly? Do you play a season match by match yourself or do you simulate a season?
  3. I really like this tactic, thanks! Can you please explain why the fullbacks have an attackig role? Also, I've changed the regista to a deep lying playmaker (D), is that something you would advise not to do?
  4. Am I the only one who sometimes has the feeling that what you specify in the tactics can barely be seen on the pitch? In my last tactic I've made 4-4-2 narrow diamond with short passing, but all I saw was long balls into space towards my forwards.
  5. Hello, I'm playing FM2019 Touch, but when I look at the player roles that I can assign to my central midfielders, the role of Segundo volante is missing.  Thomas
  6. A lot of people recommend Betis, after which I took them for my first save. However, I was quite dissapointed in the squad, and I stopped with this save. I know people will say that they've signed Carvalho, Canales and Lo Celso, but that's basically it (and Lo Celso is on loan). The squad lacks depth, only having 7 or 8 substitutes (of which most are defensive players). Also, it's quite an old squad, there aren't any big talents in the squad, and there's basically no money to invest in the team. Again, I was quite disappointed! Udinese is an interesting team to manage, I had a nice game with them in FM2011. However, I'm still not sure which team to manage this edition.
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