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  1. I’ve the same issue on a network save, neither the other manager or me deal with any work permits post brexit.
  2. In preferences I can’t enable press conferences, the confirm button is greyed out when I tick to enable or when I select something else to enable I can confirm but when I go back into preferences, press conference is unticked again. After two seasons of playing online game (which I’m the host) there are no best/worst opinion of me as a manager either. Ive played FM for over 10years this is not a staff responsibility issue, I’m responsible for press conferences (pre/post match)
  3. My save the same, if I tick to enable press conference when the game process its unticked again, definitely a problem with the game. You should move this to the bugs forum. I've also noticed that after two seasons playing I have no other managers best/worst opinions of me, I think that related.
  4. Which is the best compatible security software for fm16. I purchased a new cube laptop it came with bullguard security software but there was a problem with the laptop, the enginer wiped everything and im only left with Windows 10 security(is this the only protection i need? )?
  5. What would be ideal set up for this laptop Planning a long term save.
  6. Awaiting delivery of cube chameleon CZ-5840. What database size of players and how many leagues would be best to run to ensure balance throughout the game (long term save)?
  7. I got my cube laptop today from saveonlaptops. But i have a problem after installing the device drivers utilities and user manual cd i then restarted the laptop and all that happens is the curser arrow and circle flashing. Is there anything i can do?
  8. Got my cube laptop today from saveonlaptops. I've a problem, when i start the laptop all that is showing is a blank screen and curser arrow with a circle flashing. Everything worked when i got it, there was a device drivers utilities and user manual cd with it, i installed the cd and ut advised me to restart and all I've had since is the arrow and circle flashing. Anyone shed any light?
  9. Reading reviews regarding saveonlaptops, has anyone dealt with them? Reviews very mixed.
  10. I was going to buy the cube £500 laptop to play, my work gave me the Fuijtsu laptop, so I was wondering would it be worth playing FM on it, I always play in 3d with most major European leagues. OS is 32bit
  11. Fujitsu Lifebook A512 Core i3 Processor speed 2.3 GHz Processor Count 2 RAM 4 GB Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM Hard Drive 320 GB Graphic RAM Type DDR3 SDRAM Graphic Card Intel HD 4000 Is this laptop any use?
  12. Need a recommendation for a laptop, I'm planning to spend around £500.. I play all my games in 3d.
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