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  1. Thanks for the advice, but here's the problem...(other than your examples are from reputed clubs) @forameuss Your 'low-balling' theory would make sense if the bids are negotiable. Most of the bids I get are non-negotiable, unless I have offered the player out for a certain price and they start negotiating. The interest in my players usually comes just before the transfer windows, 1 single bid of a stupid price would come in 'non-negotiable' which would be rejected and the window will end if the interest still high on the player but no more bids. The example given above was one of the non-negotiable bids. Players moving to other AI clubs for cheaper than asked happens a lot (and no the players are not upset after my bid is rejected) I ALWAYS negotiate. Example: This one save I was playing as R.Sociedad and I needed a back-up for a certain position and was recommended by a staff a player from Southampton, 27 year old. I sent scouts to watch him for some time so I could get a better picture. He was good enough for the role I wanted him to play, in Southampton he was mostly a bench player, making only 10-15 appearances in each season as sub and maybe 1-2 starts. The 'value' was at 1.6m, so I went in and started off with a bid of 2.5m, they came back to me with a 40m package. Negotiations ended when they sent a non-negotiable 34m package. I declined. The player was not upset and no messages popped up in the inbox regarding him. But later that same window he was sold to Middlesborough for 1.8m ... W . T . F . And I have had that problem with various different saves too always get sold to another club (even their rival). The players I put up for sale I don't bother too much of how much I let them go for. But the bids that come in for players who are in my first-team are the ones I have problems with. So if a big club sees potential in one of my first-team players it is normal to expect a decent bid, so if I do sell I am able to replace him or go and buy couple of youngsters. But when you are offered such low bids which cannot be negotiated you just reject and carry on until the player is no longer useful and you just sell him for peanuts. Unless you manage to get a star player through your ranks and the max you will be offered is just under the value of the player. So the potential of getting a 'star' player from your youths and then eventually selling him to a bigger club for decent money so you have invest to improve your club is not there. I always negotiate but you cant really do much once the non-negotiable crap comes in. In FM11 I was able to do so much more. I would get good bids, which I could go back in the market to get youngsters and either loan them or stick em in the B team until they are first-team material. Now if I get a young 17-18 year old on a hot prospect contract, no club will take him on loan, if I send to affiliate he won't get the chance to play, if I stick him in B team or u-19 he will complain about not getting first-team football when he is clearly not ready yet. Look for bargains like someone's contract is expiring for free transfers, after a season or 2 get offered a decent bid and sell them, and use profits to develop the club facilities etc.
  2. The transfers in this game are becoming very annoying. If I want to buy a player I will be asked 10-40 times the value of the player only to see him being sold for just over the value to another club. And if clubs bid for my players the bids would be ridiculously low just one example is my star youngster valued at 9m aged 18, chelsea makes a bid of 400k with no clauses. I think I will try and find my FM11 because I used to play that game is so many different ways. Play to win (attempt to win all competitions from season 1 and play accordingly), play to develop younglings (be the go to club for young ones to develop i.e. loans etc) , play to make money (buy and sell players, develop youth and sell), play as retirement home (buy stars on verge of retirement that still want regular football, boost merchandise) etc. Eventually your club will get enough rep that you can start looking to win things, but these were some ways to go about it to reach your goal. Now it seems the only way to play is to start to win things from season 1 regardless which club you play, because the transfer market is broken. How are you guys coping with it?
  3. My scout says he will be 4 star player. Reason I went up to 25m because the player was values at 50k and when I bit 2m and they rejected I was curious. Because I had already bid way higher than the value. So every 2 weeks I would offer a bid (ofcourse with no intention of buying because I cannot afford it). Until they accepted the 25m bid. And the player was asking for a 1200 wage.
  4. Whenever the AI bids for my player it is always half his value, and if I ask for his value they withdraw. AI never pays good for the players I have.
  5. So anytime a club doesn't accept offers means the player is a star? It is a shame, because we as players don't know which player is going to be a star, it should be the same for the AI. If AI is putting ridiculous prices on their players just because he is a future star means it is we are playing at a disadvantage. Which is a shame.
  6. He might be a wonderkid but how does that club know? I mean, how can anyone know he will be a good player later?
  7. Oh, didn't know it was made that way. And yes, 1-2million sounds reasonable for youngsters because if they end up being flop atleast you dont lose much. But 25m is ridiculous.
  8. I am managing Southampton, and interested in signing this 16 year old I found in second devision of France league. He is valued at 40K and tried all sort of offers ... the club only accepted the offer when I made 25m+ bid ... which is stupid and ridiculous for a 16 year old. Now that I think about it ... all the transfers I have made are 3 to 4 times the value of the player ... is there something broken in the game? Thanks.
  9. Thanks. 1 last question, as they just finished the tutoring, should I ask them to tutor again? Or it is too much? Thank again.
  10. Hi, I asked all my experienced players to tutor my promising youngsters following a guide I found on the internet on how best tutor youngsters. The time has elapsed and now I am getting reports from my coaches about how the tutoring went. For some players it says they learned ALOT from the experience, some learnt one or two moved and some fdidn't learn much but improved in mental aspect. My question is, What does actually improve? What do they learn? Is there a way to find out what they actually benefited from the experiece? Thank You,
  11. Thanks, I will try your suggestions ... Does this go for the teenagers as well? i.e. youths
  12. Hi, I am managing R.Madrid and my focus is set to get youngsters and develop them. But every time I bid for a player I keep getting rejected. I have even offered upto 30mil for 17 year olds just to see how far high I have to pay and still get rejected. (This is for every club) I don't know what the issue is here, even buying players for first team is 3 times the value of the player even when he is listed for less and is not wanted by the club. Annoyed and probably will stop playing FM ever again if this persists. Please Help, Thanks.
  13. Hi, I started my game with Concord Rangers in the Skrill South and managed to get promoted to Skrill Premiere. I didn't release any player as I though they were good enough for the league, but to give me the little bit more I added 4-5 players from the free market. Now that we have been promoted I have decided to extend some contracts as all of them run out in the coming season. I noticed 3-4 players I would love to have in the coming season as they performed amazingly. But, when I offer them a contract they either say they are not interested in the talks, or they ask for ridiculous wages (£700-1000 a week), which a club like CRangers simply can't afford. I checked giving contract offers to others in the squad and they are the same, ridiculous wages or just dont want to talk. So I though we have to dive in the free market again but get an entire roster. But everyone asks for £400+ wages, even the crappy players. I simply am stuck, I don't know what to do from here. Please help.
  14. Imac 27" 3.5Ghz i7 32GB Mem GeForce GTX 780M The only thing is slow is the Calendar, because it is processing everything from every league, which makes it longer other than that it works fine without any crashes (as some reported having issues when loading ALL players on a 64bit system).
  15. I am running all leagues with custom database size (load players from ALL continents) ... I have 3 star game speed which isnt too bad, takes longer in the calendar but quick enough to not get me bored.
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