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  1. This new retirement article feature (new to me as the last FM I extensively played was FM10) is really kind of great, a nice summary and round off to a player's legendary career. Do you think Real Madrid or Barcelona (or any other team mind) can challenge you this coming year? Comprehensive title victory this year and ten times in a row in La Liga is astonishing given you're neither Real or Barca.
  2. Following, I've been to Tarragona, happened to be there on a day that was a festival after a long bus ride through flooded areas (first rains in two years, it rained solidly for two days). In the main square there was a mass of people and they were building really tall human pyramids with little kids scrambling up, really fantastic to watch, great atmosphere. For some reason, have followed Tarragona ever since, though everyone else calls them Gimnastic!
  3. Resigning before a World Cup held in Spain? Winning that would have been the ultimate way to depart from being manager of Spain, excellent results once again. Three Champions Leagues in a row is fantastic, and to then add the European Championships...
  4. I think the timings of the goals were amazing as it is, with it being four goals in six minutes. I went through the BBC coverage however to find out the goals scored from the time the game was restarted after a goal was scored, it's even more shocking (times should be accurate, based on when I heard the whistle during the highlights of the goals from the refereee to restart the game). 2nd Goal: 22.10 Kick-off: 23.00 3rd goal: 23.57 Kick-off: 24.46 4th goal: 25.06 Kick off: 25.56 5th goal: 28.48 By my estimate, there was less than a minute between kick off after the second goal and the Germans scoring a third. Even more shocking, there was only 20 seconds from kick-off after the third goal for Germany to score a fourth. The Germans must have eased off then, it took them almost three minutes to score the fifth.
  5. Mohamed Yildirim looks an excellent player with excellent stats for an 18 year old, £5.5m seems a steal for such a talent. Who did you get him from for such a good price?
  6. What he has done is put some motivation into Ruben, he's been hammering them in! How big is your stadium these days? And your average attendances? I'd imagine your fanbase has increased over the years...
  7. I'd stick him up front or as number 10. Finshing: 17; Creativity 18; Penalties 20; Long shots 20; Teamwork 20; Determination 18; Jumping 20: Heading 15; Technique 19; What an absolute beast.
  8. Excellent work. Those youth intakes are amazing. Best of luck in the Eredivisie
  9. De Gea's still at United? He must be racking up the appearances there, some way short of Giggs probably but if he keeps going into his late 30s, and starting, he might break the record???
  10. Gibraltar are in the European Championships qualifying, but not the World Cup qualifying. Interesting that they're in your group with Spain, in RL they are kept away from them for political reasons (they got drawn in Spain's group but got moved to another group).
  11. So I am in the middle of creating my custom database and what I want to do is to create a new nation with over a 100 created clubs, over 70 cities, 4 divisions, its own weather systems, over 100 created stadiums including future moves, and about 200 created players/non-players. I've set up most of this (only items outstanding are half the clubs and the players/non-players) but the way I have done it is that I have replaced Gibraltar and made my created nation a full FIFA member as well. Having read up that Gibraltar don't enter World Cup qualifying even if you make them a full FIFA member I have a few questions as follows: - Is it true that ticking the full FIFA member won't have my Gibraltar replacement enter World Cup Qualifying? - If true, would it work if I moved a 'European' nation like Kazakhstan to Asia and got rid of an Asian nation (if necessary). - Would it be better to make an inactive nation my new nation, make it active, and then move Kazakhstan to Asia. - If none of the above work, can anyone suggest how I get this to work? In 2010, I replaced the Faroe Islands but in FM 2014 I thought replacing Gibraltar would be easier due to it having one city, being so brand spanking new with few clubs, and having a mix of English/Spanish names I need for my constructed history of my fantasy nation. All help much appreciated.
  12. Disappointing result but still, a Champions League semi-final is a great achievement for your club and further Champions League football next year is surely the aim as you'll benefit from the run in the seedings and may be in pot one?
  13. I think that's got to be a record, must have had the most unfortunate schedules possible in terms of who I played and when.
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