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  1. I think it was an article in the Standard that stated Arsenal really need is a Patrick Viera type in midfield, to protect the back four, and an absolute top quality leader of a centre half. Neither of which Arsenal currently have. Mertesecker is a liability, far too slow and the other defenders are not consistent or leaders. Arsenal were at their best when they had great defenders or defensive units, Sol Campbell, Tony Adams etc.
  2. United have had a right shocker in the transfer market in my opinion, it calls into question the competence of Woodward and Moyes. They could have had Fellaini for a smaller fee before August if they'd met his release clause instead of bidding £500,000 more than they ended up paying for both him and Baines. That way he could have come in earlier, had a preseason and been part of the squad from the start of the season. Herrera could have come in advance of the deadline if they'd have just paid the release clause. It just seems they're being unnecessarily frugal and either trying to be tough i
  3. You know Blair doesn't live in Sedgefield, it was just his constituency
  4. Gav and all the other north-easterners on here. I am going to Sedgefield this week for a wedding. Is there anything nearby that I really ought to go visit or see?
  5. Wigan absolutely deserved it, terrific victory. Couldn't have happened for a nicer manager and chairman.
  6. Agreed.If Mourinho doesn't get his own way he throws his dummy out of the pram. He hasn't laid down roots, he hasn't rebuilt a team, moving on to the next place that has money to spend. He also hasn't stopped Barcelona, 2 leagues for Barca, 1 for him. This is despite significant outlays. I am happy with Moyes, the man has done brilliantly to keep Everton very competitive on a very limited budget. The only other manager I'd have liked would have been Jurgen Klopp. Anyone else find it suspicious that Moyes' contract was running down, he refused to comment until the end of the season and then S
  7. I think that figure includes coaches and assistant managers.I seem to recall BBC article that mentioned the 103, went on to say that there had been 31 managerial casualties within the 92 clubs of the Football League.
  8. Ridiculous to stand him down, football is becoming a repressive state, no free speech whatsoever, or fair comment.
  9. The sacking of Adkins is a sign of all that is wrong in English football and football in general at the moment, the man has taken Southampton from 22nd in League One, to the Premiership since being appointed in September 2010. They're three points clear of relegation in the Premiership at the halfway stage, they've only lost two in the last twelve and are playing well. This is an absolutely abysmal decision and I strongly hope now that Southampton go down, just to spite the board. Two promotions, in the Premier League and clear of relegation, there is no justification for this, none whatsoeve
  10. It will be interesting to see what Abramovich now does at chelsea, that's for sure.
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/21048679 So Guardiola appears to be going to Bayern Munich, I think that will be a good fit for him.
  12. m123 needs all his future sign ups closed down until he takes whatever one he is currently running to a satisfactory end. Or just state he isn't welcome here.
  13. Has there been a "Restore a Fallen Giant" challenge? I.e. taking a team that has fallen down the pyramid (like Fortuna Dusseldorf, Leeds, Nottingham Forest) and returning them to their former glories?
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