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  1. Ok so I've been hammering this game for far too long much to the dislike of the girlfriend but hey who wants to watch soaps and only way is Essex not normal blokes anyway I'm in my 24/25 season taken my local team Hyde United from blue square north to the hights of premiership titles and champions league wins and pritty much every cup on the way up although losing out automatic promotion to bristol rovers from the championship in my 5th season still haunts me today.. can't always win I suppose however also being England manager taking the world and European cups has now left me with nothing to do no point trying to get appointed to another team like man u or Chelsea as my team is far better and can out buy them so please for the love of football in future games make it possible to be appointed to teams from other country's the scouting system could do with some tweaking worthless unless its in your own area and youth even those are debatable also with devices being able to store large amount of data due in part to micro sd cards the scope of players should be increased massively even if the downloads are given in options eg basic players (own country plus select few major leagues to full on 8gig worth of player data from every league and club supported my the game... Anyway just my views on what is a great game worth every penny if your daft enough to waste days playing it like me haha