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  1. Crazy Results

    I had to post this one (the game just finished!) Not a crazy result in terms of number of goals scored but I thought a crazy result in terms of the actual result. The game is the Club World Championship Semi-Final and features Brisbane Roar (me) - A-League and Asian Champions, with a total salary of $64,659 per week for the entire club vs Manchester United - English and European Champions, the most decorated club in English Football, who's top striker (Wayne Rooney) earns $275,000 per week (my entire club combined earns 23% of his weekly salary) The final result... I literally jumped out of my seat when Sasa Ognenovski scored the final penalty!
  2. This didn't help. I tried deleting the cache file as well as doing a full uninstall and then reinstall including deleting all related files (except for the save file obviously) and nothing. Any other thoughts or is the save permanently stuffed? I don't have any saves prior to the league history issue happening although I do have it before the players kits started disappearing
  3. Hi there, I've nearly completed my second season and there are a few weird bugs happening that I've never seen before and searches are proving unenlightening. First off the league history graph has disappeared off every team's page. I've seen a few posts about this but no clues on how to solve it, if thats even possible. Secondly, in the last few games all team kits have disappeared. The players run around, the game plays as normal but the players are no longer wearing a kit... it's just clear (can see the pitch) where the kit would normally be. It's rather unusual watching a series of disembodied legs, arms and heads running around. Third, the currency has been set as Australian Dollars the entire game, I haven't swapped to another save file or anything like that but all of a sudden the currency has switched back to pounds sterling... but the amounts have remained the same. I switched the currency back to Australian Dollars and suddenly I have much more money. I don't know if I've explained this particular problem quite right but essentially when I switched back to Australian dollars (which it already should have been at...) the game performed the amount multiplier and suddenly I have twice as much money. I know for a fact this is what's happened by comparing the value of the sponsorship to an earlier save (which had the same sponsorship deal) Has any body else experienced these bugs before? Is the game salvageable or is the save permanently corrupted? I've not encountered any bugs like this prior to the most recent patch and the games are unedited.
  4. I was just playing in the World Club Championships as the Roar against Estudiantes (LP) and I see something in the crowd I've never seen before in FM. Behind the goal, 40mins into the game I see flames... no doubt what's meant to be flares in the crowd. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever seen this before?
  5. First off, this is the 6th version I have bought (CM03/04, FM2005, FM2007, FM2008, FM2010 and now FM2012), I love the new version I think it's terrific. I like the match engine, the way negotiations work I think it's realistic I love THE GAME. Unfortunately, I really must confess how much I despise this whole "Steam" thing (the last version I bought, FM2010 had no such problem). Firstly, it's a hassle to install. Why is it so unreasonable to expect, after paying $90 for a game, to be able to put the cd in your computer while on holiday (and hence not having internet...) and be able to install and play the game I have just shelled out for. But I can deal with that... I just had to wait till I got back home. Then comes the fact that you can't even open the game without having steam open. Annoying, but again, I can deal with that... Then the fact that you have to download the editor seperately... again, after paying $90 I would have though that would be a littleeeeee bit less of a hassle. But... I can deal with that... Then comes the "automatic updates". Great in theory. Devastating in practice. The editor has now become unuseable, I've followed the instructions in the FAQ, and posted in the bugs forum (my editor now flits between being green with invisible text or claiming that "You can't open the application Editor because it is not supported on this type of Mac") but I'm no closer to getting the editor to work... Now that's a big problem for me because I love creating new competitions and adding myself and my friends into the game. It's my game (or so I thought) and after paying $90 I should be able to do that. The next problem arising from the "automatic update" is that my favourite savegame is now virtually unplayable as the game crashes as soon as I click on anyone of around 2/3 of my squad... awesome... In the past and update would come out and I could wait till I saw the public reaction to the update before deciding whether or not to install it or hold off till the next patch. Now that freedom has been taken from and my favourite save has been ruined. Frankly I'm pretty unhappy, I've never posted a complaint about any game on a forum before. Ever. I'm normally very willing to simply deal with bugs and errors and accept it as part of the game. But this really, really frustrates me. In short, love the game, hate all the associated ********, largely connected to Steam. And again to reiterate I've searched for people with the same problem as me, found some posts but no answers. The suggestion is always the same (a moderator points the poster to the FAQ) and after trying the solution suggested I still have the same problem. Frankly I feel shafted and after nearly a decade of being a loyal, and patient, customer I'm not overly impressed. Sincerely, Disappointed
  6. Actually I've had the same problem. As Liverpool after about 2 seasons I had the option to select what type of feeder club I would like, now 5 seasons in the option has been taken away from me. There has been a change of board, but that was 2 seasons ago.
  7. Were you told that by Deus? Because in the first post he specifically says that this can't be used with 10.3
  8. Uh, not quite. Same landmass, two different nations. Northern Ireland is part of the UK (the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) as opposed to the Republic of Ireland which is a totally independent nation. From a FIFA perspective England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all regarded as seperate 'nations' for the purpose of football games. However, they are technically the one nation and this is the reason that none of said 'nations' enter the Olympics for football, as they would be required to enter as Great Britain (as done for all other sports) and this would then raise issues for the enterring of teams in the rest of FIFA competition. Sorry to get so off-topic
  9. I remember punching the air for about 5 minutes after Kewell scored Australia's 2nd in that game
  10. Broadening Our Horizons

    Tested and confirmed. The game will show the player as age 14 until the game clock and their date of birth would make them older. For example, I created a player with a date of birth 1st June 2009. Holidayed till June 1 2019. The game still showed them as being aged '14'. Holidayed to 2029 and the game showed them as aged '20'. In their playing history however, it does have that they were at the one club for 20 years.
  11. Positions For Created Players

    Accomplished is 15-19, 20 is natural.
  12. 'legendary' is the description given when a player who would otherwise be listed as 'world class' turns 30+ Its the first and only time I've seen this, I was very perplexed.
  13. A picture speaks a thousand words Journalists getting a little confused about what happened? Never let the facts get in the way of a good story!
  14. Tried it and unfortunately it just sets the Reserve/U18 team to use the same tactic as the first team. Thats not what I'm trying to achieve. I want to be able to set the tactic to be used by the Reserve/U18 team without having to control them. Any suggestions?
  15. A-League problem

    I don't want a play-off as there is a 'Minor Premiership' and a 'Grand Final' winner. I've made a seperate cup for the Finals series, but unfortunately it takes the 6 top placed teams from the previous season rather than the top 6 teams from the season just ended. I've made sure that the scheduling takes place AFTER the regular season is finished, but no luck so far. It works the way it should in the 'out of the box' version.