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  1. I was hoping to jump straight in and play the Euro's as a new manager. Appreciate the teams that qualified won't be 100% but if anyone has this it would save me holidaying for ages on a new game. Cheers
  2. Khalifa Cisse has joined Derby on a 3 month deal. Looking forward to the new update
  3. I worked it out in the end. I had my SI folder located in a different place, whilst graphics worked the adboards wouldnt, As soon as I moved them back to the default "my documents" location they came back. Not ideal but at least it worked
  4. Tearing my hair out with this. I have all other graphics working and know what I'm doing. I've made everything lower case and am using the fm no club xml file, all folders are in the correct place. No idea why it won't show but all I get are the default adboards. Can't understand why it wont work?
  5. As per the screen shot, this is how the game appears on my laptop. I can't see the attributes, is there a way to change them from white to another colour, black would be good? The game is unplayable for me at the moment like this Thanks in advance.
  6. Feel the love And as another request if you could also please keep the 1920 x 1200 resolution option for us wide screen players please? While I love and use both packs Geordie's option for the larger resolution is a welcome additon as the pictures aren't stretched on my larger monitor. Cheers
  7. Using Internet Download Manager. Never had a problem before with it before. I'm trying a different tactic as Megapack 3.0 is fine so will go through the task of downloading each pack separately and seeing what happens. When I try and download the complete pack without a download manager it doesn't give me the full file name and the speed is very slow yet with IDM very fast. It's such a great piece of work it's worth suffering a bit of pain to get it.
  8. I don't know what the problem is but everytime I download this the archive is always corrupt, Have tried various complete packs and no good. Even tried the fix utility but that just gives me an error. It unpacks but about 25,000 images are corrupt so I'm missing a lot of files. Any ideas? At 4 gigs a pop it's a long download.
  9. There seems to be a duplicate in my face pack, on id number 0 and 1, both the same guy with the same picture? No sure who he is...
  10. Superb work geordie. I play at 1920 x 1200 and all the previous backgrounds I had were always stretched but these are the real deal. Would be great if you can complete them all for the UK
  11. Relax mate, it' a fair question, all the previous kit packs, logo's and facepacks work.
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