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  1. Finally unlocked it after winning my third titel
  2. I'm in my fifth season in Australia and have around 1500 points and still don't have it :? I've won: 8 cup titels in the past 4 seasons.
  3. Who should i be?

    York City is a fabulous team
  4. you can manage a normal team and a national team at the same time
  5. Major Disaster

    Do you have Homebrew on your PSP? I've heard that could be a problem for these kinda things...
  6. If you tell me witch file i need to upload i guess I'll do it. Tho I still think its better if you unlock it yourself...
  7. Thnx man this worked very well won the Euro Cup for the first time and ended 3rd in the EPL 4 points behind Arsenal
  8. Hmm i hardly ever get re-gens :? I'm happy if i get one
  9. I will give it a try I played a 4-1-3-2 in my first 7 to 8 seasons and it was pretty good but not good enough for the Premier League
  10. re-gens

    hard one, I've got allot of good re-gens. Louis Armstrong, Wayne Butler, Alejandro Munoz, James Esze, Billy Owens, Davids Durand. Almost my whole team are re-gens. Sebastian Zimmermann was a good one but he is gonna retire quite soon.
  11. Have you changed anything that has to do with the DB ??? that could be it.
  12. He is stopped over here, I'm in 2020. Just had a ***** European Cup played 0-0, 0-0 and 1-1. Should have won all three of the matches
  13. BTW was Ribery any good with you :? ??? His Physical skills suck hard over here so I hardly use him :?
  14. I've also unlocked it with France, and also in 2018 International Club: France World Cup: 2018 Main Contributer to team: It was a team preformance nobody was the absolute best cause we had a different one each game. Score of the final: France 1-0 Italy
  15. LoooooooL Stuart Pierce is manager of England in my game, I'm in 2020