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  1. Hi there, I am finding the game not as fast as I would hope to be. I have 8 GB Ram , I7 3610 QM processor. ( Sorry not that technical when it comes to computers) .. Laptop is Asus K55VD and a bit more than 4 years old. I am choosing 5 countries of 6 leagues in total and getting 3.5 stars on large database ( around 30000 players) and I can hear the laptop fan blowing heat constantly. It is not extremely slow but not fast neither . Is this normal? I also have only half a star when it comes to graphic cards which is quite poor so I m choosing low details on match engine. A
  2. When receiving a job offer, is it possible to postpone it in February until the end of the season and see it then? I know there is this option if you receive the offer in April or May - but I don't get this now when I received an offer and it's still in February.
  3. I just won 6-5 and conceeded 4 goals from corners.. Seems I cant stop. Is there any advice here?
  4. I find the game little slower after the new update..even setting up a new career game is longer to proceed. When you click an archived tactic to load, it takes seconds for your tactic screen to upload. There are also some parts when you click the button and it just writes processing on top right, screen kind of blocks, but then its ok . Its just slower..do i need to do something for this?
  5. is it too slow when you click a button and wait for it to proceed? It is not for every button but some..
  6. Yes. Unfortunately. Re-loaded the game as I could not win one match. But after few weeks, the idea that i cheated makes me feel uncomfortable and i always delete that particular save and re-start again. Sick!
  7. I have cleaned the cache but still the same.. This happened after I downloaded the dark skin and when i wanted turn to white one.. Please help.
  8. Now text became white, so i absolutely dont see any news text. I am trying to find out how to clean cache.
  9. game text became green for me..very annoying..how to make it black again please
  10. I am still on 14.02 - Seems it did not update for me. Can you please tell me how I can make it update to 14.03?
  11. Something regularly happening to me.. Whenever AI has a red card , down to 10 men, it seems I can t create any goal possession anymore does not matter which minute the red card is shown, AI manages to lock the game for me, minutes just pass quickly, no matter what instruction I give. Any help?
  12. Did SI say too many goals in the games are being looked at or should I look at tactics? 13 goals in 2 games.
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