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  1. Oh, behold! The magic of hoofball! I'm playing hoofball with Crusaders from Northern Ireland. It have worked wonders in Europe, where we've qualified for the Europa League group stages. Thank you away goals. Thank you hoofball. The setup is somewhat the same as Peljams. Only differences as far as I can tell, is that I'm not passing into space, and I haven't asked my players to be more expressive. In the league I've won 3 and lost 1 game so far. But most league games have been scheduled just 2 days after my European games, so I've had to field some weakened sides in the league so far. That won't change much, now that we're in the group stages, I reckon. Might have to play the reserves in Europe now, since I probably won't get many points in the group stages no matter what. But who knows what the magic of hoofball can lead to?
  2. So Salford City have hired a new, young danish manager...
  3. Recently i started playing FM 2006 again and i would really like to play it with the 6.0.3 patch/database. There's just one little problem. The 6.0.3 patch is available in two versions. One with an updated database and one without and I can't seem to find the one with an updated database for Mac. So... If anyone could please help me find a download link for this patch/database I would be very gratefull.
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