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  1. Guys, any comments on which is the better 4-4-2? The first or second?
  2. apologies for asking a stupid question over at this thread. Could someone advise where can I download the latest squad updates?
  3. Thanks Knap, tried it for about half a season. The attack is really good but the defense is leaking goals. I tried to removed the forward runs of the full backs and bring down the defense line by 2 notches. Do you have a link on the Darkstar training?
  4. Hi Knap, do you used OI? What is your teamtalk like? I tried the latest 4-4-2 and its certainly impressive.
  5. mr hough, how's your version with the tighter defence going on? Is it ready to share?
  6. hello filke, which version are you using? the classic or wizard?
  7. hey tylerbode, the TM type strike should be on the left or right for v4?
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