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  1. Sorry I've understood the opposite. In that case, just download a logopack. You should have the small nation logos in it.
  2. You have downloaded a custom logo pack I guess. Just go to Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics\logos\nations\small and scroll down to the bottom. You should see a file called "config.xml" Delete it (or just rename it if you don't want to loose it) and reload the skin in-game. You will have the default logos back. Actually these are the country flags.
  3. All is explained in the spoiler at the end of opening post.
  4. You just clicked on tactics button on top left of the screen (the green one with arrows). Click again and it will revert back to normal.
  5. Changelog V1.4 - Fixed issues caused by 20.3 update (dynamic images). - New star rating icons. - Calendar : fixtures now have a different colour according to competition. - Several icons have been edited (mostly turn them into gold). Download link in opening post
  6. Just find these lines in settings.xml of the skin you're using. And edit values of RGB colors. <!-- fixtures rows calendar view --> <colour name="fixture continental row" red="0" green="77" blue="137"/> <!-- blue --> <colour name="fixture cup row" red="194" green="72" blue="72"/> <!-- red --> <colour name="fixture friendly row" red="22" green="109" blue="12"/> <!-- green -->
  7. Changelog V1.3 - fixed issue with vertical lign when using instant result. - tactics overview: you can now move players on the pitch (position changing) Download link in opening post
  8. It is just a graphic. So you can change it (not mentionned but there are 10 options: l'équipe for France, gazzetta for Italy, Marca for spain, sky, eurosport, ...) It is located here: Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\skins\SSD Gold V1.2\graphics\boxes\custom\inbox Just rename the one you want to use "inbox.png" as it is the one used in-game. If you want to remove it completely, just rename "inbox.png" with another name so that the game won't read the file. There will be a blank image. (transparent actually)
  9. I've made a tutorial to explain how to get city pics working with my skin as everyone is asking me why it is not working.
  10. I've answered to you on sortitoutsi for the config file issue. For the bigger picture: open club overview panel.xml height: line 85 edit the 300 width: play with the default_width of the 3 columns line 12 (left with stadium and staff) line 46 (middle club infos and kits) line 82 (right city pic + best 11)
  11. I've already told you the good method several times on sortitoutsi. The only way to make this to work is to edit the config.xml file in your city pics folder (Documents/SI/FM20/graphics/city pics) You need to have this code: <record from="XXX" to="graphics/pictures/club/XXX/logo/background/left"/> where XXX is the id of the club The reason why you are seeing pictures as a background is because you have a wrong code. If you don't change the code it won't work properly.
  12. DOWNLOAD (V1.1) Changelog V1.1 - training issue fixed (post/role/task box has a wrong id) - changed some colours here and there to match club colours or gold - fixed purple icons in tactics screen
  13. I've found an issue. When a former player (Kaiser) talks about me (so team manager). In English, no problem. But in French, it says I'm a player legend. "joueur légendaire" should be replaced by "légende". screen in english screen in french
  14. @Rub Me This is an exemple of the config file in city pics <record from="XXX" to="graphics/pictures/club/XXX/logo/background/left"/> I've use this code to build club overview panel.xml Check your personal cofig file in your city pics pack. If it does not match with that, it won't work properly.
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