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  1. Final Update for FM20 with SSD Gold Skin v1.5 Download v1.5 No changelog for this update. I've just edited several things in player profile and club profile mainly.
  2. My city pics are stored here : Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics\City pics But the one important thing is the "config.xml" file. It should be configured in the right way in order to work correctly. I've coded my skin to show the left background logo of the club. (I've not checked if it is true but for exemple in flut skin this same code will show the kit next to the player face) You need to have those lines in config.xml wich is next to your city pics : <record from="name_of_the_jpg" to="graphics/pictures/club/club_id/logo/background/left"/>
  3. This is not the same screen. First is player profile, second is player attributes. You can switch if you click on the overview tab on the top. If you want to change the default one used by the game, you can do that in preferences.
  4. No it's not there. Change these lines in settings.xml in the skin you use. <colour name="league_champion" red="50" green="200" blue="50"/> <colour name="league_promotion" red="20" green="100" blue="20"/> <colour name="league_top_playoff" red="20" green="70" blue="150"/> <colour name="league_bottom_playoff" red="100" green="35" blue="20"/> <colour name="league_relegation" red="150" green="50" blue="25"/> <colour name="league_main_continental" red="90" green="150" blue="80"/> <colour name="league_oth
  5. The white box on the right is controlled by this graphic file : Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\skins\SKIN_NAME\graphics\boxes\custom\inbox attachment\media\source\paper.png and the paper.xml file with it. To change font colour, I don't remember the exact file but it is one starting by "news feed ..." in panels\human just search for the graphic file I mentionned above in that folder and you should find the right xml.
  6. Does it matter if I'm now six months later ?
  7. <colour name="human controlled" value="rgb(X,X,X)" /> <!-- colour used to indicate that team is managed by a human player --> Add this line in your settings.xml
  8. It happens only with French Ligue 1. I've seen other leagues (Serie A, Liga, Bundeliga, ...) and that's OK for these leagues.
  9. An issue here in the title. "Course pour la montée" should be "Lutte pour le maintien" as it is said below in the text.
  10. Sorry I've understood the opposite. In that case, just download a logopack. You should have the small nation logos in it.
  11. You have downloaded a custom logo pack I guess. Just go to Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics\logos\nations\small and scroll down to the bottom. You should see a file called "config.xml" Delete it (or just rename it if you don't want to loose it) and reload the skin in-game. You will have the default logos back. Actually these are the country flags.
  12. All is explained in the spoiler at the end of opening post.
  13. You just clicked on tactics button on top left of the screen (the green one with arrows). Click again and it will revert back to normal.
  14. Changelog V1.4 - Fixed issues caused by 20.3 update (dynamic images). - New star rating icons. - Calendar : fixtures now have a different colour according to competition. - Several icons have been edited (mostly turn them into gold). Download link in opening post
  15. Just find these lines in settings.xml of the skin you're using. And edit values of RGB colors. <!-- fixtures rows calendar view --> <colour name="fixture continental row" red="0" green="77" blue="137"/> <!-- blue --> <colour name="fixture cup row" red="194" green="72" blue="72"/> <!-- red --> <colour name="fixture friendly row" red="22" green="109" blue="12"/> <!-- green -->
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