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  1. The main file to edit is "panels/game/game processing panel.xml". Then follow the files listed in it. They all start by processing...
  2. tactics/subs bench panel Then youu'll have to find the right icon file which points to the right boxes it uses.
  3. DOWNLOAD V1.2 Changelog: - fonts and boxes edited to have more gold here and there - new popup after using "instant result" - added a new "hidden" tab on scout reports
  4. Yes. Open "player personal details panel.xml" with an editor (Notepad++ for instance) and find this default_height="300" (line 13). You will have to reduce the height to whatever you like.
  5. @Fox-7-Condition/Sharpeness icons are the ones provided by SI. So if you don't have them, you should have edited something. My skin is DF11 compatible. I've made a big container with player face in it. If you are unhappy with my default settings, you can edit them by opening "player overview panel" and "player personal details panel". You will have to play with the values default_width="-2" (line 8) and default_height="300" (line 13)
  6. @Michael_Myers There are png files, so you can delete/edit them to revert back to default. Here is the folders: Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\skins\SSD 21 V1.2\graphics\icons\custom\star rating In this folder you will find 3 sub-folders scouting, senior and youth. Keep the one you want or delete all three.
  7. @RussoTuristo 1. I haven't tested but it should work. Just test it by copy/paste the files needed. 2. I didn't see anybody get it to work so the answer is no. But if there is a solution found, you'll need to test in my skin.
  8. Open settings.xml in Documents/SI/FM21/skins/NAME_OF_THE_SKIN/settings and find the following lines: <!-- preferred/required attributes --> <colour name="preferred attribute" red="107" green="72" blue="4" /> <colour name="required attribute" red="225" green="170" blue="45" /> Change the red/green/blue values to whatever you like. Reload skin.
  9. @EnigMattic1 You have changed the opacity of a box. Try and find it in your graphics/boxes folder. For example, delete (or just rename) all png files you have in this folder one by one. Once you've found the right file, be sure to know where this file is used in other screens in-game. Second option is to tell in the xml used here to use another file. For example paper2.png. And make a file with no transparency here.
  10. @nacho_celp4You'll need to copy those files : For the club overview: panels/club/club overview panel, club/club overview kits panel1, yacs/club/... (all the files in the folder), custom/club/club overview details panel For processing section: panels/game/game processing panel, processing calendar day panel, processing prozone panel, processing upcoming fixture badges, processing upcoming fixture info panel, processing upcoming fixture panel, processing world news item panel Then you will need some graphics to add: boxes/custom/prozone/paper, labels/custom/processing/world news/label, boxes/custom/citypic/paper, dividers/standard/horizontal/line2, custom/bg/bg_club I've made a quick search, so maybe I've missed some files. If you see some bugs such as missing parts, you probably forgot to copy one file. One thing: I've set the font to be recoloured in "gold" so you will need to add a line in your settings.xml file in which you will add the colour called "gold" (just copy the last line of your file and change the colour to whatever you want)
  11. An easy way to do it would be to edit the box used to "delete" it. But if you want them back, you'll need to revert them to default. You can find those boxes in graphics/tables/custom/attributes and then you will have to edit the two png in preferred and required folders.
  12. You can change the graphic files from the default stars to something else. Those files are here : graphics/icons/custom/role rating/stars. In there you will found 20 png files. You just need to replace them.
  13. It very easy to do once you've found where to do so. Open sidebar menu table.xml file located in panels/generic folder. And you just have to replace the value in the third line : <symbol id="sidebar_secondary_colour" value="XXX" /> <!-- colour replacement of text sidebar selected --> Here I've got the colour XXX. You'll need to create the colour in settings.xml of course.
  14. @lugui Add/Edit these lines in settings.xml in your skin folder. <!--colours for the position lines on the tactics pitch and widgets--> <colour name="goalkeeper_line" red="120" green="120" blue="120" /> <colour name="sweeper_line" red="100" green="100" blue="100" /> <colour name="defender_line" red="90" green="90" blue="90" /> <colour name="defensive_midfielder_line" red="70" green="70" blue="70" /> <colour name="midfielder_line" red="50" green="50" blue="50" /> <colour name="attacking_midfielder_line" red="30" green="30" blue="30" /> <colour name="attacker_line" red="10" green="10" blue="10" /> <colour name="substitutes_line" red="40" green="40" blue="40" />
  15. @PequenoGenio Not sure but I think it is "human controlled" colour in settings.xml of the skin.
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