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  1. Both Pantophlet's jumping reach as Nakada's age seem to be random. I don't know if you'd change a player's attributes just because some guy on a forum said so, but in my opinion Kadeem should have a jumping reach of around 18 (14 on the game I'm playing right now) and strength of around 15 (11 at the moment). Regarding Nakada's age I reckon he would be somewhere around 25 years old, but his date of birth is nowhere to be found. Maybe on his Facebook if you add him . I think you'd rather want to keep his age random than add an estimated birth date, especially since he's just a physio. That you specifically have knowledge about Esajas suprises me a bit, guess you're the head researcher for a reason! 37053252 and 37056063.
  2. I have some remarks on the Dutch First Division. - Takahiro Nakada is a physio ( - Ayrton Statie used to be an AML in the youth teams but has been playing as a left back whole last season (and also plays there this season) so should be natural at that position. - Arda Havar should be rated accomplished at playing as an AMR as he was signed for that position and has been playing there most games of this season. - Malcolm Esajas has recently stated in an interview that his favourite position is as attacking midfielder but could also play as a winger or striker. I'd make his natural position AMC and his accomplished positions AMR/L and striker, or at least AMR as he's been playing there this season. - Den Bosch has an option to extend Juanjo Serrano's contract with two years and Arda Havar has a one season contract with an option for the club to extend it with another year ( Denis Pozder's contract can also be extended with one year ( - Den Bosch has been loaning players from Juventus for two years now, you might want to look into setting Den Bosch up as an affiliate. (, I'm not sure to what extent you're allowed to argue about player's abilities here so I wont complain about minor errors, but here are some things I've noticed. - Kadeem Pantophlet is a big, tall ex-basketball player but has low ratings for jumping reach and strength (see the last paragraph here: - Kenny Teijsse is always dangerous with his long throws but isn't rated as such.
  3. Willem II, FC Oss, Barcelona and Real.
  4. Well, I'm interested!
  5. I don't know if that is what he means, but I'd like to have a functionality like that,
  6. Saved me almost 20 euros! Thank you very much, Ackter.
  7. No, you don't have to add more countries to be able to play against them. But most nations will have fake (grey) players if you haven't loaded much players.
  8. Great work widehawk, thank you very much! I love to manage in Japan.
  9. Please SI, make the info tab for Japan visible...
  10. It worked! Thanks mate.
  11. I know this thread doesn't belong in Editors Hideaway, but I didn't where else I should post it. When I try to go to this board with Firefox 4, I get this message (IE doesn't give any problems): All other boards work fine, though. What can I do about this?
  12. If you can look up his unique ID, try opening the .xml file with Notepad, press ctrl+F and paste the ID in the search box. Then remove the lines that ''delete'' the player, if you know what I mean.
  13. I don't think SI want to encourage cheating
  14. That's also at bit weird, yes. The team with the most away goals plays the third match at home if I recall correctly.