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  1. Could try going on holiday for a day? Just make sure "Reject all offers" is selected for transfers on the Holiday options menu before you do. It has worked for me in the past when the game wont let me continue.
  2. Only that save with its 3 1 week apart backup saves. I did check all the backup saves and it had been reset on all of them. Don't know if I just missed it when it happened though as i don't check assignments very often. I have tried to recreate the problem but with limited time on my hand I haven't had any success. Edit: I found the problem, I am managing an international team (Italy) at the same time, so if I change the "Staff Responsibilities" for my international teams scouts to be controlled by them instead of me, it will reset ALL scouts knowledge in the game to their de
  3. Everything is vanilla, with no custom files apart from a face pack (existing players) and a Club and Competition logo pack. Both were added long before starting the save.
  4. Hopefully this is the right place for this. My scouts assignments and world knowledge have been fully reset, clearing the countries I was trying to get them to gain knowledge on and resetting them to what they were from when I signed them. Even scouts that I released a coupe of years ago have had their knowledge reset. Unfortunately I checked my 3 rolling saves and they are all the same so it must have happened without me noticing it or its something that affected all my rolling saves at the same time. Edited for more details: I'm currently in Feb 2040 and this happened sometim
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