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  1. Anyone know where I can buy a downloadable copy of FM10 or FM 11????
  2. Sorry to just come in here, but where do you download the patch with him on it?
  3. RB Leipzig - End of Season review - 2014/2015 League All in all, solid enough. We tailed off at the end as shown with the results, and we could have finished in the top half. Results I'm not gonna bother with the cup as we already got knocked out, very annoying still. Star Man of the Season Signing of the season imo. Such a good midfielder, I need to get a younger version of him. Brilliant free signing. Best of the rest Other info Transfers Real change in the squad. Lots of additions, lots of departures. Fans players of the year Imo he didn't deserve, has struggled with the step up, although has signed a new long term deal. Best XI of all time Looking decent.
  4. RB Leipzig midseason update 2014/15 League - Decent start, midtable and we are bettering the expectations, but we had a poverty start. Cup - Terrible. Only word to describe it. Transfers - Additions to the squad have been good, many of the free transfers were on one year deals. The Squad As you can see generally an average rating for the most part. If you have any requests for certain players or whatever don't hesitate to ask?
  5. Just an update, don't expect updates for a while, been so busy. Haven't bought the full game yet, will be back though!
  6. I'm such a hipster, I started the 2.Bundesliga craze
  7. Sorry about the lack of updates, been soooo busy with school work, my job and hangovers!
  8. Been a bit of an upheaval at the club, lots of players signed, lots gone.
  9. He was very good for me. Strongly recommend him, I haven't bought him back for the next season. Seemed like a good finisher.
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