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  1. Is it only me or does clyne look ridiculously overrated?
  2. FM Version: 12.0.4 Database Size: Large Selected Leagues: England (Premier Divison Only), Germany (First Division Only), Italy (Serie A Only), Spain (LIGA BBVA Only) I have decided to start on a new save that will bring me around the four major leagues and hopefully win some big things. I picked Bayern to start off with and will carry on as the game progresses. Aims: 1) Win every domestic leagues and cups 2) Win Champions League with clubs from all four major leagues 3) Win the World Cup and Euros with England
  3. I wasn't impressed with how they played against Croatia tbh. It's vital that the wing-backs bomb forward and swing in crosses for the front two but Balotelli and Cassano kept drifting away from the box. Balotelli drifts into the deep central areas and took a couple of shots at goal and Cassano kept working the channels. Pirlo bossed the game in the first half but faded as he was forced deep in the second half to nullify Modric's threat. Would like to see more attacking threat against the Irish but they should do fine.
  4. That's exactly why I created this thread. It's important to keep the wingers in the AMRL positions when we are playing the lone striker upfront. Hope the specific man marking helps!
  5. I would also like to see an increase in the percentage of goals resulting from crosses, especially when we are playing with a target man.
  6. I would have them man marking the wide players. A team can't possibly play with no full-backs/wing-backs/wingers? Moving the AMRs and AMLs backwards to the MR/L positions would certainly make tracking back more effective, but they would be in less dangerous positions when a counter is on.
  7. To be honest, mentally we appear a lot weaker than the elite sides in international football. That was proven with all our previous penalty losses. Even Lampard, who puts away 90%++ of his penalties in club football, missed in the shoot-out against Portugal. Gerrard too. This was also evident before the France game while the players were preparing to emerge from the tunnel. All the English players, especially Gerrard, looked nervous while in comparison, the French players were wearing smiles on their faces and joking around. This is largely due to the English press imo and I hope we can overcome these problems this time round with the expectations lowered.
  8. That's something new to me as I have always set Closing Down and Tight Marking to Always on wingers in the opposition instructions, will try that out thank you! That's a fair point as tracking back will certainly be affected by attributes like work rate or other hidden attributes. I love playing as underdogs as it is easy to win with giant teams on this version of fm. To over-acheive with a below average team in the league, it is vital to keep a good defensive shape (like how Hodgson sets his teams up) and to acheive that, my wingers must track back without losing the counter-attacking potential of my team. And so far from what I observe, specific man marking on opposition's wingers worked the best.
  9. I don't think crosses from deep are that dangerous a threat on this version of fm. It's more important for wingers to track back when defending as I noticed how easily opposition wingers skin my half-decent full-backs one on one.
  10. Yes this is why I make sure my wingers man mark the opposition's because they would be pulled back into deeper positions while defending. The opposition's full-backs usually don't cause much trouble when their wingers are tightly marked as they have less options to work the ball around with.
  11. But wouldn't your wingers be further up the field that way?
  12. This is a vital part of modern day football as teams with wingers who are reluctant to track back may get badly exposed. Holland was absolutely slaughtered by the Germans in the first half yesterday when Afellay and Robben failed to track back. Van Bommel and De Jong were drawn out to the flanks to cover their full-backs and Schweinsteiger had so much space to pick out Gomez for the goals. In the other game, Ronaldo preferred to stay upfield and Denmark's right-back Jacobsen had so much time to pick out Bendtner for his goal. Sir Alex set his team up in his 2008 Champions League winning side with both Park and Rooney tracking back against the big teams. Arsenal was a victim of this excellent counter-attacking side many times. I have seen posts talking about this but I can't seem to do this effectively with AMRs and AMLs. I am reluctant to pull them back to the MR and ML positions/reduce their mentality as this would reduce their attacking potential greatly. The closest I came to doubling up on opposition wingers was to set my AMRs and AMLs to man-mark them specifically with tight marking ticked. I was wondering if you guys have ways of doing this more effectively?
  13. I don't think Roy Hodgson has the ability to get his team playing with that much flair tbh, his teams have always been based on strong defensive shapes and being hard to beat. We need to revamp the whole youth system to improve the quality of players coming through and get a manager who can get us playing.
  14. Watched the game yesterday and was shocked at how bad the Dutch defense was in the first half. The center-backs dont communicate, the left-back was taunted by the smart movement and passing of the Germans, de Jong and van bommel were drawn out of positions for the goals. I really don't see them getting out of the group tbh.
  15. Football is definitely a funny game. Who knows, Spain may not even top their group, Italy looked impressive with their new 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 formation. And even if we do meet the defending champions, we stand a good chance with the contrasting styles of play. #optimistic