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  1. Board: "Let's sign a new contract. Your wage budget will be 39k. Deal?" Me: "Eh, that's kinda low and only a bare minimum to have a decent season, but I guess I'll give it a shot ..." *signs binding contract with board on the express condition that the budget will be 39k* Next day. Board: "Hai there! Your wage budget is 32k. Bai bai! Oh, and we expect MINIMUM promotion this season." Me: "Uhm ..." Some time passes. Supporters: "We are desperately disappointed because we thought our League 2 team had an excellent chance to win the FA cup. These wounds will take a very long time to heal."
  2. Same here, and a decent striker. He must be a face in the game or something.
  3. You click the player and chose Interactions > Conversations and you can resume the talk.
  4. In real football there are many fringe/squad players who don't play all the time, but are important to have around when they are needed. I'm sure a most of them would like to play more, and some complain about it. But many also accept being a very useful part of the team without starting many games, and they fight for game time in training. Not so in FM. Everybody above youth age MUST start games regularly. Or else they'll demand a move because they're hardwired to automatically demand first-team football no matter what. The only exception I've seen so far is my backup goalkeeper, who hasn't c
  5. Had a player on loan for 2 seasons and thought I'd sign him on a free, but he signed a new contract with his club, just to go on loan with me again for another 2 seasons. Then I signed him on a free. Weird that his club gave him a new contract just to loan him out and release him. He's a world class player. Had a couple of other 4 season loans too.
  6. I find that most of the time when they say "don't sign him" even if he's good, it's because they player doesn't want to come to the club in any case. So it's a bit misleading.
  7. Should I give a new contract to this guy, who had a fantastic game, but played horribly? He got a 5.8 rating after conceding a late penalty losing us the game. The feedback here is that the two comments contradict each other, and that the agent wants an improved contract for a 5.8 performance.
  8. I've had so many non-EU players granted a work permit on appeal (players who don't play for their country). I guess they were considered good talents. However, in too many cases their potential takes a severe hit the second they arrive at my club. For example, I just bought 2 18 year olds with 3,5 star potential after prolonged scouting. They got the permit on appeal, and were promptly adjusted down to 2,5 stars at arrival. Does that mean the Work Permit Board base their decision on my scout reports ... or is a 2,5 star rating actually enough for a permit (seems weird because I view them as ga
  9. I've played this game since CM93 (yes, regen system was different at that time), and I don't know how many hundreds of seasons I've played. I always start with a small club and make it the best in the world, eventually (or pretty early) with every thinkable youth facility. Here's the grand total of players coming through my clubs with potential to be a first team player at my club (not ultra world class, just first team player) for all those seasons: 0. I've had a few Championship/Serie B level players and a couple who might survive in the lower reaches of Premier League/Serie A. That's it.
  10. Yes, you need more than the lone striker trying to score goals. I play a lone advanced striker with IF(A) wingers + CM(A) and CM(D), and the wingers are bucketing in the goals even with so-so Finishing (typically 11-12 Finishing in my Bolton team in EPL). You need them in the box, not just on the byline with crosses. It makes for some great attacking movements and combinations. The wingers will cut in diagonally to receive passes from the striker or midfielders. If you're going for crosses, I''d use 2 strikers or striker + AMC. I've completely abandoned my Defensive possession tactic (origi
  11. He wasn't still injured, but the season had ended before I had the chance to use him in enough games, and he came to me in June with his complaint (last league game was April 30). I couldn't possibly play him when there were no games. I don't have a save ... Just mentioning it.
  12. A player asks me for first team football, I say sure, you'll play. He then gets a couple of games and gets injured for a couple of months. He says it's all right, he'll give me more time to let him play. Then the season ends. Mid-holiday the player barges into my vacation home, steaming with fury because he hasn't played lately. I call men in white coats to have a chat with him.
  13. If I have loaned my player out to another club and have asked my head scout to give me match reports on him... how can I tell the head scout to stop sending me match reports?
  14. Quick comment about sorting: It has been broken again. Sorting by position on the pre-match team selection screen simply doesn't work (in my game), even if you click the position button. It will sort in a seemingly random fashion. This happens every time for me. Sorting by position will also be cancelled in some other situations, but then you can at least click Position to sort it again.
  15. Boot-throwing sounds like a good idea, and maybe something SI can consider implementing in next version.
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