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  1. Ah right yeah I would have thought so, it's really weird though as I can't remember it at all but oh well may have done it by accident! Thanks
  2. Hi there! I'm currently enjoying managing Lazio in 2027, without my knowing somehow a lot of my players seem to think that I have promised them we will either win the Champions League or make the later stages of the Champions League...does anyone know how this has happened and how I could possibly prevent it happening in the future? I just currently had an issue with Pedro Neto over it as well as he became unhappy as I had broken too many promises, but obviously with this one I don't even know it's happening! Thanks.
  3. Haven't updated in a while but I'm going back to this file now, 5th season done and dusted, great season by all accounts, signed Raheem Sterling on a free transfer as we were really lacking something out wide and my has he made a massive difference! Even offered him a new contract near the end of the season so I wouldn't lose the guy, also won the league cup against Wolves which was great got us into the europa league this season which should be a different challenge! All in all hard for me to recap as it's been about a month since I finished the season but was a really good season, Goldaniga
  4. Just a short update just started my 5th season now, signed a few nice looking regens, also signed an argentine wonderkid who looks really good, and a really nice looking Japanese regen right back who will be good for the future, I think I will be looking to cash in on Cancelo maybe as he can't defend and keeps becoming unhappy but I'm definitely going to play Scalera as my first choice left back from now on trying to retrain him there as I think that's where he will get the most gametime, also going to retrain this guy incase he finds it easier to retrain than Scalera and then I can have 2 top
  5. Nice yeah I was thinking of signing Poyet myself but opted to sign Ariel Cabral in the end as he was more established, was also looking at Austin myself from time to time did sign Rodriguez but sold after 6 months for 3.7 mil to Valencia as he was nothing special for me, either way you've made some nice signings should be looking at a solid 2nd season, for some reason I could never get many goals out of Defoe maybe it's my tactics that didn't suit him as I always play with one striker as it makes my defending stronger.
  6. Scouted a lot of right wingers who look good attributes wise, I'm thinking of signing the french guy, Deulofeu also looks good but I know he's labelled as inconsistent on his report and he's obviously like that in real life was for Everton recently anyway, Fearon has promise has some good looking stats, labelled a wonderkid and has a release clause of 7.5 mil, though the french guy is more the finished article than him so I'm not sure. Bentancur isn't on my game when I searched though I've scouted Ounas to see if he'd join us and yeah we do get about 30-35 mil a season which ain't too shabby I
  7. Yeah thanks nextqprmanager, I really like him he's half engine half playmaker but he has done a really good job for me since I signed him, looking at his attributes when playing LM he seems to suit that as well only thing that lets him down is 11 crossing attribute but apart from that he's solid and yeah I think Goldaniga has been wasted by Juve according to his history, will put him next to Carter-Vickers if I can keep him this summer and put Funes Mori to the bench as he can be a bit error prone. Yeah I will keep the formation in mind I've been switching it a bit this season especially
  8. Just finished my 4th season guys, a lot better than the previous season at least I feel like we've made some progress this season, last season it felt like we didn't make any but now I feel like some of my youth (Lee Lynch particulary) are coming good and it's starting to look better for the future, only issue is we're having a lot of trouble scoring goals, had a lot of games this season where we haven't even scored any, even had a few 0-0s at home, but I feel like slowly but steadily it is getting better, had Cameron Carter-Vickers attract some serious interest from big clubs so he's unhappy
  9. Nice I never liked Cattermole myself, took me like 3 years to get rid of him, people wanted him just they wanted us to pay half his wages so I didn't do it but in the end I just decided I may as well but glad to hear you're doing well, I've had that ACON thing myself and last season it was really tough as I had a lot of players out on it, the first season is never easy but you'll probably survive by the sounds of it good sales/signings.
  10. Thanks nextqprmanager idk I did a bit play Grujic but he disappointed me, only really signed him as we were having an injury crisis and we needed a cm to cover, and San Jose I just think I needed him more at cb he could play both I know but when I signed him I signed him because of his defensive attributes, he started moaning anyway as Bilbao came in for him and I rejected it so for the rest of the season I played Carter-Vickers Dlijibodjii more, occassionally played him even in dm a little bit but he wasn't playing well, at the end of the season I cut my losses and sold him to Bilbao for 20 m
  11. It's really been such a frustrating long season this one, had a feel pain with injuries, we lost my new signing Diego Falcinelli in November for 4-5 months injured, whereas at the exact same time I lost one of my key players now Jeff Hendrick for 2-3 months, then we also lost Pierre Zebli for 4-5 months in December, plus I had Sebastian Coates breathing down my neck claiming I didn't strengthen the side which I think is a bit unfair as I did make an effort to with signings like Hendrick and San Jose, but that went over to my whole team so I had a whole team agreeing with Sebastian Coates that
  12. Just had to sell Manquillo today as well as Bayern hit his 20 mil release clause, next season will be interesting but I'm looking forward to it, ideally I still need a box to box cm as N Dong was so average last season barely scored any goals either just meh, scouted a few players though but none really fit the bill wanted Gnourkouri but he failed his work permit, so we'll see. Could do with another left back too as Van Aanholt is good attacking but weak defensively, wanted Gibbs but his agent was being unfriendly, after that we should be fine hopefully, and i obviously need a Manquillo replac
  13. Really hard to say mate, I was going to reply yesterday but signings are tough especially in first window, all I can really advise is Ariel Cabral is a fantastic player keeps the ball, passes the ball well if you need a cm playmaker, but whatever you do don't buy that Haller guy if you need a striker as he was a huge flop for me never scores doesn't do anything for the team, it's really tough I just largely kept the team the same first season apart from those 2 buys and only 1 was effective, I've done 2 seasons atm, finished 12th in 1st and 11th in 2nd so it's by no means easy just you gotta h
  14. Well we had a good end to the season as well, had some bad run of form in places but finished in 12th so overall a good season considering, the board gave me 33 mil in the summer so I decided to use that in the positions we needed it most, striker was a problem last year, even though Defoe was our top goalscorer with about 11 goals it wasn't enough and we needed someone 'reliable' to bag the goals in...and my is this signing a gamble! had a 12.25 release clause after he joined Swansea and they subsequently got relegated, and attributes wise he has always been a perfect looking fit for my tacti
  15. Hi there, I've just started a file with Sunderland myself, really fancied a challenge this FM, haven't really gotten into a file yet either so I thought this looked like a good idea, started the season with about 10 mil or so, so I bought Sebastian Haller for 7 mil from FC Utrecht as a different option upfront as I'm not a fan of strikers like Anichebe (defensive forwards etc. don't really fit into my style) also bought Ariel Cabral for 2.8 mil who has been a bargain cm, so yeah it could have been far worse this year, will see how we strengthen in the summer we definitely need new faces. I've
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