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  1. I did it before the key moment even appeared though. The game always takes 2/3mins to make a sub regardless and the ball went out play after 2/3mins in-game time. That's plenty of time to be ready.
  2. Do SI ever plan on actually fixing this? For the third time this season I've taken a player off who's on a yellow and the ball has gone out for a throw. The game plays on without making my changes and that guy goes and gets sent off.
  3. 0-0 with Liverpool, 93rd minute, already had a goal disallowed wrongfully for offside... Then this happens. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25rX6dcotjc&feature=youtu.be Really can't see myself buying next years edition unfortunately. 93minutes and the game "bugs" like that. I can take a refereeing mistake and such but a keeper has never whacked it at his player in the last minute to stop a team getting a valuable point in hell.
  4. Bout to ask a similar thing to Barry, where do I acquire the "stadium variety pack" etc?
  5. Essential Data error.

    Ignore this, for some reason a link to the beta bugs works, just not showing up on the board index.
  6. I'm almost certain i made a thread int eh FM13 Beta forum, but i can't even see that anymore. I'm getting the essiential data error, i have tried the fix in the FAQ, but had no joy. Any help appreciated, i am on Windows 7. Cheers.
  7. The Underdogs

    Scoreline did not reflect the game at all! Turns out Swansea sit around 17th after tonights session. Whilst 19th Media Predicted Blackpool sit in teh playoffs ---- Andy - Blackpool Managed to get a good start to teh season going, winning all games but two, with a loss to Wrexham in the cup and an opening day loss to Swansea. Some fantastic away wins including Middlesborough away, managed to get the system i've put in to work nicely, with back up tactics also showing their worth. My main striker, Allan is on form also, with over 10 goals already. Predicted 19th by the media, it's a massive shock to be sitting in 5th place with a nice amount of points already in the bag. Avoiding relegation was the original target, but after the start i've had i think it's probaly worth aiming at least a top 10 finish.
  8. Premiership Glory Clan 2012

    Andy - Leicester City It's a massive improement for me based on the half season i had. i Took over a team that was leaking goals as a target and fortunately i've managed to cut around 30 goals off the goals against mark. Considering the defenders i've had availible and their ages, it's been a decent seeason. Had a few chances at the end and should have picked up about 8-10 more points, which would put me in the top half, which would have been excellent. Considering the net spend was -£2.5m over the season, and the total amount invested into the playing squad was £11m. Was a good achievement. Game of the season for me was playing Norwich, 3-0 down away, managed to pull it back to 3-3 full time. Next season is all about breaking into that top 10 and showing more improvements.
  9. How can we improve the network game of FM?

    Sometimes there isn't a midweek game though, sometimes there is. Makes sense as an option. Amazing how much neglect the online play has had over the years.
  10. Premiership Glory Clan 2012

    Andy - Leicester City This week has seen me be offered and turning down the Tottenham Job, which was £34m compared to the £400k that Leicester are giving me at the moment. Had I been online for the Tottenham job opening, I wouldn't have even applied for it anyway as I would like any success to come with Leicester. This season has seen a massive improvement, with half way of hte season gone, having already accumulated more points than the entire last season. This has also been done on a shoestring, with only Blackpool having a lower wage bill. I currently have about £26m spent on wages, where as Stoke who have had a good season have double, and they are about midway for wages, so certainly punching above my weight, having only spent about £12m on improving the team (about £0 net spend). Also managed to take a point off Man Utd, 3 points off Arsenal at the Emirates. Ending the week on a milestone win over Norwich, leaving me with 30 points, 1 more than last season. Great week for myself really, much improvement from teh squad and seem to be a bit more resillant.
  11. My argument is that it happens way too often. Dont get me wrong the ocassional 1 shot on target all game loss happens in real life, but as i've said, it's occasional..
  12. Premiership Glory Clan 2012

    Andy - Leicester City Fairly happy with how i've done considering the squad I have inherited, as well as the amount of sheer quality in the teams already around. The honeymoon period is pretty much come and gone though, after winning four out of 5 games in December (Including a win over Birmingham, and a 3-2 win from 2 goals down against Arsenal), I am still waiting for my first league win of the new year. Hopefully the 10 point gap between myself and 18th wil be enough to see me to the end of the season, but looking at past seasons, 31-33 seems to be the amount that takes 18th place down, so two wins should see me being safe. Targets; - Avoid Relegation this season - Show improvement next season - Cope with the better quality teams and grind out some results. - Top 12 finish.
  13. Jesus Christ, some absolute howlers.
  14. PUt in that forum specifically because i feel it's a fault in teh game that it happens so often.
  15. Post some of the worst misses you have seen on FM. There are generally best goals threads, why not some of the worst misses? [video=youtube;7pmwPPvrt1s] Couldn't believe they hadn't pulled one back to make it 2-1, won 3-0 in the end thankfully.