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  1. As much as I am a big fan of playing the game as realistically as possible, sometimes would be great to have a facility to switch of the squad rules. Particularly as the game progresses, I find it very hard to find good HG players and this can be frustrating. An option to disable squad rules would be grand. I'd also like to be offer a contract to any player where an offer is accepted. Sometimes the players don't want to even hear your offer, but I'd like a chance to just say 'I will offer your £200,000 per week,' before they decline negotiations. In real life, is there any harm or reason not to listen to a clubs proposal? I'd also like the opportunity to be aggressive in a team meeting and in a press conference. (Realistically I'd like to be able to swear at the players but I understand that this is a game for all ages). Feedback welcome, Thanks, Ollie
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