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  1. To be fair, while paying 90k/pw is way excessive it kind of make sense. If you have the money and can maintain it is a very working way (maybe not prudent, but it gets the job done) to getting better good players into lower leagues. I mean, IRL Bent would never had said no to that contract Also interesting result in terms of AI behaviour, i.e. that you can overrule the normal considerations of reputation, like/dislike etc if you hike someone's salery enough. However, will be interesting to see if the super board/manager can manage to run the club into major deficit but I doubt it though.
  2. Talk about digging up a old thread. Still, was very interesting doing this for FM08. Would be interesting to do for FM09 to see if anything has changed although from Kip's experiment it seems to have held fairly the same as before. This thread helped me understand the mechanics of how to proceed from small clubs to larger better and is particular helpful if you don't plan on taking one club from the bottom to the top but rather jump from country to country.
  3. Great update. Really enjoying the wide spread of the players and difference in success. Good to see that managers are making a difference too and that their skills matter.
  4. Agree that its very interesting and very good that there was a good spread of clubs the stars went to. Seems more realistic. I think the reason they went for very small sums is that bids are somehow linked to the rep of the club as well as their own rep and CA/PA estimate and no the actual finances of the club. i.e. what they think is good value is related to how famous the club is. Also Kip, could you add the reputation of the Managers? I would be interested to see when it gets high enough/is high enough for someone else to pick them up. I like the format, the more the merrier and really interested to see how the other leagues pan out. Either way, fantastic work as always. ZJ
  5. Can't wait until this gets going again, loving it already Have the game adjusted the rep for the staff to account for their CA/PA? If not, they are pretty much stuck there until they get some success or get fired. If it was adjusted I think the managers will move on as well rather quickly. Won't be the first time you've heard or the last, but definately, KUTGW!!
  6. Know the feeling, having problems getting a job myself Either way, keep at it, persistance usually works.
  7. Bumpp!! What happened to this thread, I was having a good season for once!
  8. Bah, I prefer some exclusive company!
  9. Well, we gotta do something to pass the time
  10. My personal record is -42, that was pretty cold. It hurt to breathe as when you took air into your lungs, your body head expanded the air and it puts pressure on the lungs. Not too bad too, you just caugh a lot if you take deep breaths. My dad told me that they had -54 once when he was young though. Lets justs say it takes about 30 minuts to get ready to go out, you usually wear about 4-5 layers of clothes.
  11. I'm up north in Sweden (pretty much as far up as you can get and still be in civilization) visiting my dad. Went for a walk today, only -20 C so not too bad. They are promising it will get colder though. I haven't seen this much snow in ages so its quite nice, pretty much everything is covered and its been snowing slowly for a couple of days now.
  12. Everyone enjoy your holidays, I'm looking at a 4 meter high pile of snow at the moment outside my window, a snowstorm going on and 1.5 meters everywhere else so all is good here. And yes, you need a break from FootMan... when would have time to play Civ otherwise?
  13. Good run, sad about the Roma game, will be tough on the Home game. Still outscoring Haowan but don't think it will last, he will catch up now . Still got the highest Av rating though. Will you get another update in before you leave? KUTGW!
  14. Me and Haowan is having a race to score the most goals, quite amazing though that after 20-odd games in the league we have 2 players over 20 goals each. That has probably never happend IRL Amazing what a difference that work rate did, going from being absolutely useless last season to being awesome this one with only a 5 point change. Good month, lets keep up the pace!